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Make the spine joints rotatable please

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Hey everyone :)

So I'm gonna make this one short. Maybe the Yiffalicious crew has this planned already, but I'm gonna suggest it anyway. I really think the spine joints should be rotatable. I'd really love to be able to rotate the head left and right, up and down, the upper torso to rotate seperately from the hips, for more variety in poses. We could do so much more just by being able to rotate the spine joints... That would be so amazing.

So, if you didn't already think of this, please consider it? :)


  • jei3jei3 Moderator
    edited April 2017
    moving the arms sort of causes rotation, but getting it to work better has been brought up before:

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    Wow, the first one even goes back to 2015? Guess this won't be happening any time soon then. If at all. :/ It would be pretty easy to do this, tho. No? And it would allow us much more variety in poses. Is there some reason why we can't have that option, or why they didn't add it, yet? o.o
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    While maybe it wouldn't be the hardest thing to add, it probably wouldn't be the easiest. Adding more joints & controls & such means that *all* of the characters have to be updated with it, which is a good bit of work in of itself.

    There's also making sure that more joints & rotations on every character actually works, is compatible with everything else, doesn't cause bugs elsewhere, and is overall actually plausible for each character. (Many of the characters have meshes/models/textures that don't look too great in certain areas when rotated/moved, the same thing could happen here with stretched textures or having the model scrunch or shape in unwanted ways.)

    Maybe I'm not entirely correct, seeing as I'm not a developer. But I'm pretty sure it isn't exactly a snap of the fingers to add something like this in, especially since it's something new. Who knows though, maybe it will be much easier to do once YL2, the new engine for the game, is finished.
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    I had this same problem the other day, I wanted to rotate the dragoness's torso, but couldn't get the pose I wanted. Tried using the arms, but it didn't work.
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    Ninjamuai If it really is that much work, then I really don't understand why they didn't do that from the start. ôo Normally when you add joints to a model, rig, whatever, they automatically are selectable and rotatable, no? So did odes or whoever does the modeling/sculpting/rigging lock those joints, so we can't rotate them? Also, they did add rotatable joints to the ears, so if they could do that, they can probably do the same with the spine.

    Either way, I really hope they will look into this. I'm slowly getting tired of the same poses over and over again. :/ I think making those 3 spine joints rotatable would give us access to so much more pose options. This game has so much potential, why not make use of it?

    SexyLizard69 Yeah, same here. Moving the arms doesn't really do the trick. 
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    We probably will get things like more joint rotations & options eventually, I just wanted to point out that it probably wouldn't be something that would happen too soon. More options & things to tweak make this game so much better, so more new stuff (as long as it works well with the old stuff) would be awesome. Like I somewhat said before, maybe once the new engine is set in stone, bigger new features can be added into the game without taking quite as long. Hopefully, at least.
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    @Oozaru The main problem you would run into with the spine, from what I can tell, is the use of the humping/thrusting abilities in the game. Having the extra twist would throw it off by a large margin and make it go rather crazy. Unless they can work out a way to stabilize it better and move naturally it would be best to leave it as is. It is also something that has been asked for a while ago and it is in their investigation list. Right there with getting knees n elbows to act like hands. ;

    It is just one of those things you would have to be patient for and just do the best that you can, sofar I have seen some pretty amazing things that others have done to get it to work. ;-)

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