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Patreon Serial Recovery

I paid for a Patreon 1.7.2 and the first time i put in the code and i thought that was it. Well i didnt write down or paste the code into a doc and it wants me to add it again. Annoying!
So after a few months go by, i noticed i cant recover my code. How do i get back my code i paid for? Im pretty much paying for the code, rather than the exe. If its only a month to month code, then thats ridiculous. You pay for a code, you keep the code to use the program. I need help to recover the code so i can see what i paid for. Please help.

If the code is only usable once a month or per membership, then i will never pay for it again. Not worth it. That be like having Microsoft Office. Turns into a paid membership.


  • odesodes Administrator
    I replied to your message at patreon. Just copy pasting it here.

    Hi there Rubberkitten,

    The latest release is available to everyone and doesn't require a key. You can grab it here:

    Serial keys work forever with the build they're shipped with.

    I'm not at my computer right now, but if you still want that key, let me know and I'll find it for you when I get home.

    All the best.
    - odes
  • No i paid for Patreon to see the extra. When you click open exe, it asks for a serial code to use it. I dont have it. I need the code. I paid for it, i need to use what i paid for. 
  • Rawr! I thought i saved teh code but i didnt. 
  • odesodes Administrator
    No i paid for Patreon to see the extra.
    The latest public release has everything. There is no extra since the release of 1.0.

    When you click open exe, it asks for a serial code to use it.
    Then you're using a patron build and not the public build.

    I sent you your serial key on patreon just now, but again... the patron release is older than the public release.

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