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Humans Non-Anthro?

I've been thinking, If humans created Anthro like bodies... What if there was another world where Furries and Scalies exist, that they made a version opposite of Anthro to us Humans, What would we look like? Creepy but Curious... 


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    Monkeys? lol >_<
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    This question doesn't really make sense to me. Like, the opposite of anthro would be feral, yeah? So a feral human? Those already kind of exist, so I'm not really sure what you're trying to get at ahaha
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    As the renditions of furries we create are very stilized, I guess what they would create would be something like manga/anime characters.
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    I think that most of us agree that "feral humans" would be nightmare fuel stuff >.<
  • Soo... Naked hobos?

    No not want.
  • Probably look something like an artist's rendition of cavemen.  Quadrupedal cavemen.

    I wonder if scalies/furries would keep people as pets?  Probably not.  Have you ever tried to house-train a human?
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