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[Unofficial Poll] Favorite character

edited December 2017 in General discussion

=Unofficial poll=

I'm just curious, what is your favorite character(s) in Yiffalicious?

Just drop the name in the comments.
Thank you!


  • I've messed around with making skins for most of the characters. They all have their quirks & issues to work around, but I guess the 2 characters I spend the most time messing around with in skin customization are Fox & Illinir.
  • My favorites are Finn, Illinir, and Charlotte
    I love dogs and the option for futa and Herm!
  • edited December 2017
    That's a tough one!

    My favourite model is the Horse; I know he's not very expressive, but despite being hung like, well, a horse, he has this wonderful balance towards effeminate that lets him top and bottom equally well, but he's not a named character so I'm not sure if he counts?

    Of the named characters my favourites are Ilinir and Charlotte, as I prefer shemales (is futa actually a correct term btw? I thought futa was more flexibile than shemale). Ilinir is my favourite as a character, while Charlotte is my favourite as a model (her tail is so much easier to move out of the way :D).

    So yeah, Horse and/or Ilinir would be my picks I think!
  • Fraenir is my Fav <3 He's a giant, ripped dragon with the best expressions. What more do you want?
  • Charlotte is definitely my favourite at the moment. She and Illinir both benefit from being more recent characters and hence they've got a lot of expressions and stuff you can alter (as well as skin slots!) in addition to having the futa/regular options.

    That being said I like tinkering around with Elaine and Khana as well as they have that 'perfect' body type. Just a shame they don't have a few more expressions.
  • Charlotte is a great model, female, herm or futa all nice with a lot of customization options. The fact that you are given the ability to adjust the sliders a bit more is really nice since you don't have to have massive tits if you don't want to.
  • Illinir. Because I love dragons :)
  • Charlotte. Dat posterior.
  • edited December 2017
    Charlotte is my favorite right now, mostly cause she has the most features and expressions. She's what I wanted out of the app from the start. Next would be Maya(first favorite), especially if she were upgraded with Charlotte's features.
  • There is a certain elegance to Elaine that, despite her shortcomings compared to the more recent characters, I find compelling.  Finn is becoming a favorite, his feet allow for more realistic poses than many of the other males. 
  • Its only developed quite recently, however my favorite is probably bunny for females (with Maya or Khana second). And for the males i guess finn.
  • Female: Ilinir (normaly i am not so in scalies, but she is amazing), Cat and Charlotte.
    Male: Horse, Finn
    If it is possible, please make a female Canine.
  • Horse, Charlotte. Surprised? :p
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