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Can't get males to stand up properly

On top of the bug involving male characters laying down if the receiver isn't on their back, I also don't know how to get them to stand up. I've got a cat in a pillory with the rhino dude laying down below her, I have no idea how to get him to properly stand up. I can rotate him to face the right way, and I can have him sit up, but no get up on his feet, so I can only either have a position where the male is laying down, or the female is on her back.


  • Um ... I'm not sure if you include it when you say "rotate", but just in case i'd tell you to try to manipulate the sliders in the "Transform" options of the Rhino (it's the last of the group of options, but it appears only when the character it's attached to another character)
  • Generally the angle the two is determined by adjusting the angle of the hips of the receiving party. However this will not move the nodes, those you need to move manually, and then you have to adjust the "purple dots" on the characters to get them the way you want them. Of course, there is a limit where just turning the hips makes things look weird and wrong. That is when you need to open up the "transformation" menu of the male. Under there you can adjust the X and Y angle of the penetration, X and Y offset of the penetration and rotation of the penis (will rotate the male character too).

    I suggest focusing on the recipient first, posing her into a roughly right position and then spawning the other character, and then adjusting the hips and transform settings to make it look more natural.
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