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Hello everyone I am new and I want to report a problem by selecting the levels of the office and the fantasy I get an error that I have to fix something and when I go back to yiffalicious it automatically recharges between those levels or the interactions and I can no longer play what can i do?


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited May 2018
    To stop the reloading, delete this folder in regedit:
    Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yiffalicious crew\Yiffalicious

    To open regedit, press WinKey + R, and type "regedit".

    If Fantasy and Office levels crash on your computer, you can delete them and replace them with an empty level:

    Delete these files in yiffalicious_Data:
    • level8
    • sharedassets8.assets
    • sharedassets8.assets.resS
    • sharedassets8.resource
    • level9
    • sharedassets9.assets
    • sharedassets9.assets.resS
    • sharedassets9.resource

    Then, make two copies of level2 and rename them to level8 and level9.
  • thank you  :) ;)
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