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Can't get download to work/open

So I'm new to this, and really want to get the ball rolling on some good yffing (the jiggle physics are incredible!), but I'm having trouble with the downloads. When I downloaded the torrents, they wouldn't extract correctly. And when I tried the http download it kept dropping. I know it wasn't my internet so I'm wondering what else it could be. Thanks!


  • odesodes Administrator
    You need a torrent client to download the torrents properly.

    Not sure why the http download is dropping.
  • Well NOW the torrents working! WHt do i do after that to make it work?
  • odesodes Administrator
    If you downloaded the installer, run the installer. If you downloaded the archive, unzip it using 7z.
  • It works! Yes! I’m scrolling through all the saved poses now :3
  • So now my game keeps crashing. I got it to work a few times, even got to pose and look through scenes, but now it won't do anything more than get to the initial menu. :(
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