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Game kept crashing

I am looking at the ten saved reports and I don't know how to send it to you guys. The files are pretty big but I'm sure you guys know that. I'm not sure what's missing. Earlier today it worked fine, I even posed and checked out saved moments and it worked fine. But even when I moved to a place that had better internet it would start up, go to the menu, then before I could click on anything it'd reload before saying it crashed.


  • put the crash reports in a .zip file and upload it to somewhere like moving to a better place for internet wouldn't make you crash in yiffalicious, especially if you can't even get to the interaction browser. post your specs in chat, and try running it again without any other programs open at all and see if it changes.
  • odesodes Administrator
     Can you send us your log files?
  • Thank you for humoring me! I'll get right on that.
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