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Gotten posing down, now how do I move body parts?

So I've made a few sexy poses of characters (one charlotte fisting another, a cat rubbing charlotte's rump, even charlotte rubbing a tit with her o' face), and I can see myself making PMVs here, but I'm not sure how to get humping to work. I don't see humping or 'force' available for any of these ladies, and I'm curious how I can keep the models' bodies still while moving just one part of the body over and over (without doing it manually, like if I wanted to make a pmv and have them move). Any help would be great, thanks! Oh, also, when I set a vantage point like one character looking in one direction, when I click 'play' they always look in another direction, not sure what to do to change that. "Play" seems to reset some thiggs, even when I say "set value". Love you guys, having a lot of fun with this program. :)


  • You have to use the parenting system to move body parts other than the hips of the character. Make two invisible characters have an intercourse, then, parent (A) the node of the character you want to move to the penetrator's hip node. From there just play with the penetrator's thrust and force settings until you find what works best for your interaction.

    I highly recommend joining the Yiffalicious discord server, there you'll have access to more instant feedback on your questions.
  • Thanks so much!
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