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[Unofficial] A to Z skin creation tutorial

I've attempted to create an ultimate quick tutorial on creating and publishing skins for Yiffalicious. Hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

This second video is a previous one. It goes more in-depth for Blender.

If you have any further questions... Please be patient, and understand that I may not have the answer...


  • Useful....If im familiar with photoshop :ppp

    On-point and straightforward. 1+ from me i suppose
  • I don't mean to necro a thread from page 2, but thank you for taking the time to make these videos. This is very helpful, especially for someone who hasn't done anything in the realm of image editing for some time.

    Thanks bro!
  • I finally bookmarked this so I don't have to keep searching for it. This was super helpful for me since I never used Blender.
  • Nice guide, thanks. Had a question, is there way to enable bump (I guess) in blender? For example for veins on horse cock.
  • @Loudstorm I think you're talking about modifying the bodies or 3D models themselves. And the answer to that is... Yes... sorta... I've seen someone modify the body of a couple of characters, but it requires a lot of Unity know-how and luck, as it is very crash-inducing. However, you can give the appearance of veins by adding shadow and light areas on opposite side of a "vein". It takes practice for sure, but can look great.
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