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Renara's Animations

edited December 2019 in General discussion
Sorry if this seems a bit self indulgent, but I've posted a couple new animations recently, and I have a bunch from earlier and I never really asked for feedback, so I figured I'd dump them in one thread for people to ignore or look at at their leisure.  ;)

First of all; I had trouble with video capture, but I think animations are best viewed in-game anyway, so to find my stuff just fire up Yiffalicious and enter a search for:

Second, while I try to pick good default camera angles, most of my animations are intended to be viewed POV, though not every character's POV will be suitable.

Newest Animations

Personal Trainer
It's the fitness craze that's sweeping the nation; taking a big dragon dick up your ass while you do chin ups because… fitness? This is a gay scene structured in multiple "sets" of the action, building in intensity so it starts a bit slow.

This was a fairly simple concept, but another one that became a bit tricky; basically the wolf (power bottom) has most of the control slider to trigger him to lift, fiddling with mate hump and Physics IK on his feet then gives him a good range of movement to make it look like he's doing chin ups in a way that I'm quite happy with, though the hands not closing is a weakness.

Main issue is that I wanted to shift control to the dragon so he would thrust upwards, but to get the POV viewpoint I wanted he has to be leant back too far for him to do that properly, which is unfortunate. I cannot wait for YF2's keyframes so I can do a proper new position in cases like that.

Still, pretty happy with it, played with the expressions, had to experiment quite a lot to get good expressions for the Wolf, but I really love his model otherwise, as he has a nice athletic build, toned in all the right places…

ASSistant- Meat the Boss
Charlotte's boss has taken an interest in the company's newest addition, and is eager to see if she has the drive and ambition to really ram home her unique talents in a corporate world.

So this is futa on futa, because as far as my Office level canon is concerned, futa Illinir is the boss (I mean, who wouldn't want to work under her?), with an initially shy receptionist Charlotte giving the boss a good seeing to that gets a little out of hand towards the end.

This scene gave me quite a bit of trouble; if you're tempted to edit it, make sure you set the snapshot you want for taking the preview image, don't accept resetting to the first snapshot as it messes with Illinir's leg positioning. Even in my final version of this the right leg isn't quite where I originally had it as I couldn't figure out how to get it back the way I wanted, so it clips a bit where it didn't originally. I still like how it turned out though, and it's another scene that's intended to be enjoyed from either character's POV.

Girlfriend Experience
This scene aims to give you the full girlfriend experience with Charlotte, with you as her foxy new boyfriend. Just one note; you're the girlfriend.

So it's a futa on male scene with Charlotte railing a foxy femboy in a sort of half piledriver position; this scene is heavily optimised towards POV as either character, as it will probably look weird with a free camera thanks to all the hacky things I had to do to keep things smooth, and to stop Charlotte's tail from freaking out and clipping through everything (on lower settings it may still do this).

Recent Animations

Dog and Horse 1
So named because I may do a followup at some point, this animation was an experiment in oral, with Finn actively chowing down on a big ol' Horse bone, and then Horse switching gears to a face-fuck/throat-fuck.

Anyone who's tried an oral scene probably knows these are really tricky, in this one I stuck a "dildo" in Finn's butt so that I could abuse the "Mate Hump" setting to make him move, with the Control setting enabling me to have him start and finish with his mouth free. Originally I had Horse with his hands on Finn's head but the positioning seemed to break over time and led to some really painful looking poses so I had to ditch that. Also, I decided to opt for an implied cumshot rather than an actual cum event, this way Finn doesn't cum hands free nor does his dildo inexplicably do-so.

I think this turned out pretty well, but so far four people seem to disagree so I'd love to know what doesn't work for anyone.

Stuffed Fox
This one was a challenge; the idea was to have a position with a mirror, whereby both participants can view the action as they do it; there's just something about a guy being able to watch his own ass being pounded that I really like. So the pose I wanted was a kind of standing full-nelson, but I had to a compromise quite a bit to make it work.

To make it work exactly as I wanted would have required a taller standing character I think, but the only taller characters currently have huge dicks which eliminates any added height, so I had to drop the nelson type aspect and tilt a bit so Illinir could look past Fox to see the mirror. I think it still ends up as a great pose though. I tried to make them both expressive, but Fox's range is a bit limited, and while I love the Illinir model her expressions are quite hard to work with (I never seem to use a named expression for what its name says it should be for).

Animating was tricky, and required a lot of fine-tuning of Mate Hump and Leaning to get good looking motion that's reasonably smooth. I also tried to have Illinir get properly carried away but animating very fast movements requires a lot of tweaks to smooth it out so the characters don't look like they're having some kind of seizure, I think I mostly succeeded though.

The only thing that doesn't seem to work is that cumshots don't appear in the mirror's reflection; I'm running on nearly the highest detail settings so I'm not sure if that's just an issue with the mirror? This scene is also heavily intended to be viewed POV as either character, though the default camera angle still shows the action reasonably well.

Anyway, I'd love feedback on this one as so far only roughly half of voters seem to like it, which I was a bit surprised by as personally I feel it's my best scene yet. I'd like to hear back from anyone who doesn't like it as to why, is it just personal preference on this one (it being shemale on male for example)?

Older Animations

After the Game
This is probably my favourite of my older animations. It's a classic guy-on-guy locker room orgy with hopefully something for everyone (who likes that sort of thing) to enjoy; you've got doggy style Wolf on Fox, Fraenir on Horse missionary, and Finn taking Bob balls deep (with a bit of effort). All positions mostly work for POV, though Fox and Finn's views are a bit limited. I'm biased but I recommend at least one play-through of every other POV :D

Only issue I think is they might be too shiny (straight out the shower and into an orgy, because why not?); it looked fine when I made it but I have a new PC now and I think maybe the graphical settings affect how this looks.

3in1 Special
Illinir takes three Horse cocks (dp and oral), also it's in a restaurant and they didn't wait for everyone else to leave first ;)
This was my first attempt at a scene with oral but is of the more limited fixed head position face-fuck kind. Still, Illinir's own POV of this is fun, otherwise this is a rare scene for me where it's better to view the scene with the default camera, though both Illinir POV's are okay, and so is the third Horse.

This is a set of semi-related animations (I am so looking forward to multi-scene support in v2!) feature a shemale Charlotte's first day at her new job working the reception. Although this male on shemale, the default camera angles all keep Charlotte's gender ambiguous so boring straight people can fap to them as well!

Doggy Tongue
This one was an attempt at a rim-job scene, though it ended up with Charlotte doing most of the work; default camera is a fun view (and keeps her gender ambiguous if you're not into transgender), while Finn's POV is a butthole closeup, meanwhile the extra POV gives another view for Finn but with his snout visible which I really like.

Workhorse 1
Anyone who's seen Charlotte's ass and didn't immediately think how fun it would be to hot-dog that needs their brain checked, as this was exactly what I tried to do for Horse in this animation. I think it worked out okay; initially I wanted a steeper angle but couldn't get Charlotte to move the way I wanted in that pose but I think it still looks good. The only issue is that the cumshot is "internal" due to the use of a hidden character.

Workhorse 2
This has been by far my most popular animation, and a continuation of the above with Horse finally getting to pound Charlotte's tight ass; I put a lot of effort into the expressions (Charlotte's expressions are pretty good to work with), especially with that big horse cock requiring some effort to insert, and Charlotte's ass not wanting to give it up when he's finally finished. Horse's POV is of course fun in this one.

The Bigger They Are…
Small femboy Fox mounts big shackled Rhino in his own janitor's closet in a classic small on large reversal. Personally I was really pleased with this one but not many seemed to agree; while the pose is a little awkward I thought it worked well, and the animation is fun when viewed from Fox's POV.

…the Harder They Fuck You
Continuation, with an escaped Bob taking much deserved revenge in the form of an (eventually) balls-deep pile-driving of the capacious little Fox. The posing of the Fox was tricky, but the default camera and both POV's are fun, depending whether you want to be the one destroying a fox butt, or prefer to be the naughty Fox taking way more than you can handle.

Other Animations

Spa Day
Am I the only one who looked at Maya's ass and thought "I bet she could fit three horse cocks in there"? This was mainly an experiment in whether triple anal in Yiffalicious could work, and aside from a bit of weird distortion it kind of does IMO. Unfortunately the viewing angles are a bit limited, and I definitely don't want to do so much awkward posing of so many characters ever again.
Also Fox is fucking Cat on a massage table because why not (well, really Cat's POV was supposed to be the best view of Maya, but it didn't really work out that way).

Performance Review
Illinir's managerial style is harsh but… well it's just harsh, and some of the guys haven't been pulling their weight, so she's called a meeting to teach them a lesson in front of the others, but unfortunately Fox doesn't seem to be learning his lesson. This was my second ever Yiffalicious animation, and I definitely used far more of the force sliders than I should have (I barely touched them after this one), and I keep thinking I should go back and remaster this at some point.

Once I saw the Office level had a server room this scene basically made (and named) itself. It's my first ever Yiffalicious animation, and while I think it turned out okay, it's another I feel I should remaster because I think I could probably do it much better now.


Sorry again if this seems a bit self-indulgent, but I think it's always good to get feedback on animations, to know what worked and didn't. I really hope v2 will have more feedback options, but until then we have the forum, so I'd love any feedback anyone wants to give!


  • Where can I see these animations?! Sounds like good stuff you're doing! ^_^
  • edited September 2018
    these are all really great! now i'm a straight guy so i'm only really into straight sex, but the animation work for pretty much every scene (including the male/male ones) is great! i'm still amazed by how you managed to pull finn's head off of the horse's dick in Dog and Horse 1, and the ASSistant scenes might be some of my favorite scenes yet! when YL2 comes out, i better see a nice story set up for them. ;) critically, i feel like some animations are a little over the top (the spa day one where maya takes three dicks in the ass, for example), but i was still enticed by them overall. all in all, i think all of your animations are awesome, and i can't wait to see more.
  • edited October 2018
    Where can I see these animations?! Sounds like good stuff you're doing! ^_^
    When you launch Yiffalicious just go to Select Scene and enter the following into the search bar under the Hot or New tab:
    You should see all my published animations (currently 12), enjoy!

    these are all really great! now i'm a straight guy so i'm only really into straight sex, but the animation work for pretty much every scene (including the male/male ones) is great! i'm still amazed by how you managed to pull finn's head off of the horse's dick in Dog and Horse 1, and the ASSistant scenes might be some of my favorite scenes yet! when YL2 comes out, i better see a nice story set up for them.  critically, i feel like some animations are a little over the top (the spa day one where maya takes three dicks in the ass, for example), but i was still enticed by them overall. all in all, i think all of your animations are awesome, and i can't wait to see more.
    Thanks for checking them out (even the non-straight ones)!

    Pulling Finn over to one side in Dog and Horse 1 I actually discovered by accident when I put the control slider over to the right (in favour of the half-hidden Horse character that causes Finn to move), I think it's because of Finn's left hand position that he goes over to the side like that, so it was just a happy accident at first!

    And yes, I'm very much looking forward to YL2 having the ability to do multiple scenes in one with a bit of story; it sounds like the Office level may not be returning in its current form (as it's very large and taxing on performance), but hopefully there'll still be smaller office areas (e.g- just the reception) as I really like that level, and definitely want to do some more scenes with receptionist Charlotte :D

    Regarding scenes being over the top, the Spa Day one I completely agree on as it was really just an experiment that I decided to tidy up and publish; I wanted to see how well YL1 could handle multi-penetration, at least it wasn't three Bobs!
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    So I've added a new animation, and wouldn't mind some feedback!

    It's under "Newest Animations", a fun "Girlfriend Experience" between foxy femboy and futa Charlotte, it's another of my POV scenes that I love so much.

    Also added a second new animation "ASSistant- Meat the Boss", futa Charlotte nails her boss, futa Illinir on her desk.

    Update 2:
    So I've made a third animation! Probably my last for a little while, it just takes way too long to build and fine tune one with the current tools. This one is a gay scene with Wolf doing chin ups onto a nice big dragon dick, because fitness.
  • edited April 2020
    Made another one, and this one I'm really pleased with. This is another one of the Office level (apologies anyone who struggles to run this one, but I love that level), featuring the same boss Ilinir, but with no ASSistant Charlotte this time, and it's futa on male.


    The Wolf on She-Meat

    Since Leonardo DeCaprio sadly wasn't available at the time of shooting for this raunchy spoof, I was lucky to scout out some new talent in the form of a very eager Wolf that isn't often seen in the role of bottom, and boy can he take it like a champ!

    Taking on the role of a difficult supplier, this Wolf quickly learns the (very) hard way how Ilinir stays in charge! Does this wolf have the assets to make it in a dragoness fuck dog corporate world? This hostile takeover is all about supply and demand; obey her demands, and she'll give you every inch of her supply, before depositing a healthy bonus straight into your account!

    As usual you can find it by searching under New for:

    This scene was a lot of fun to make, and one I've wanted to do for a while; I love the Wolf model, and I think he's under appreciated as a bottom, partly because it's difficult to find poses that really shows off how great his ass can look. I was inspired by the scene "fox on wolf" by perv1.

    Positioning him on the chair gets the angle just right, and when I experimented with parenting the chair's node to his hips I found I could do some really fun motion when using the Push Beyond slider. Only downside is you can't use mate hump to move his body much making him a bit more static, so I focused on his big round butt and his expressions instead.

    With him right up against the window you can get a great view looking in, which you can switch to by taking the POV of the first Cat. I've also tried to make sure that Ilinir's POV looks as good and as stable as possible, so you can just stare at his ass the entire time if you want to.

    Sadly the only other downside of the position for Wolf is that his own POV is very restricted, so I threw in a mirror that gives a view of some of the action (though the chair back blocks most of it though, so you'll just have to imagine getting your ass destroyed 

    Update: So I'm a bit disappointed now as the scene has had 13 votes and it's on a total score of zero, meaning half of people actively disliked it (more, as one of the likes will be mine), but I was really pleased with how this one turned out. Why are people so split about this scene? It should be obvious from the screenshot what's going to be featured (futa on male).
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