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Coyote & Goth Skunk - Skins for Fox Femboy

edited October 2018 in Custom skins
Hello. I've made some skins for Fox, to get into a Halloween spirit.

I made the coyote skin months ago, so I thought I should upload it too. Coyotes are kind of Halloween-y :)
*They look best when you have the fur graphical setting turned on*

*You should redownload Coyote if you want a small fix*

Hope I uploaded everything correctly & I hope you like them! Have a happy Halloween!

Also, here are some of the other skins I have uploaded in case you missed them:


  • Yup, looks specially cute with the fur option ON!
  • Great work, both skins are welcome additions.  Thanks.
  • I'll take the black one, thank you. :3
  • The coyotes butt hole color goes on to the cheeks a little bit. Great work here though :3
  • Thanks! Yeah, I noticed that little issue, maybe I'll fix it & reupload sometime. It's tough when issues like that pop up, because they don't show when painting the skin, they only show up in-game afterwards. Takes a lot of going back & forth, so I guess I kind of give up sometimes, lol.
  • @MotorcycleCop, have you been using the in-game "F5" technique? You could probably check after each time you paint by using Jei3's Live Skindropper. If you already have, then please disregard this :)
  • Thanks for the tip, but yes, I do check it in real time with the F5 refresh. It just gets tiresome & I get burnt out on working on the skin after a while. They always take longer to make then I expect, so sometimes I miss things.

    That said, it should be updated & should look better :). So re-download Coyote again if anyone wants that fixed.
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