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Character Creator

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Just wondering if a Character Creator was ever going to be implemented or being considered. It seems everyone has such varied tastes that when a character comes out it may only appeal to certain people, and even they may not be entirely happy with it, that it would be better to implement a character creator function. One might start by choosing a species, then sex, then additional modifications by choosing established parts (like hips: thin, med, thick) or maybe one base species template with sliders that'd allow one to adjust the hips, chest, thighs, etc. to their individual liking. This way if someone wanted a petite deer, they'd be able to create it or if someone wanted a deer like the one currently available they would also be able to get what they wanted. I'm not really sure how well it'd work with what you've currently created but again, just wondering.


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited 11:39PM
    Hi usiruk86!

    It's definitely on our radar (it's even on our roadmap). We're still kinda early in the development, so we're fleshing out the basic features first.
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    Once there's enough characters in the game, they can have a sort of index(if I used the correct word for it) of body shapes for the player to choose from, me thinks :p
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    Would be cool if we could alter specific body areas with a slider system like in The Sims. *.*
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