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Some skins that crazy Spazzle husky made

 Here are some skins I have made, I hope they're good and you enjoy them. I will continue to make more skins like this and try and remember to post them here. Most are some variations I've made of other peoples skins and some are totally original! Telll me what you think! (Also, I don't know how to package skins so these are just the pngs) On this one I know there is an issue with the shorts not connecting right on the inner thigh.

Heres one with the clothes that @NoOneCH made (though I colored the shirt)

Here is the base skin for the two above.
This is the last one for now, just the Rhino with some fluff.
Hope you enjoy! (Again sorry about not packing them x.x)


  • Looks like you'll also have to convert them to .png because it decided to make them .jpg for some reason? :/
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