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Charlotte Mabel/Dogmom skin

edited December 2018 in Custom skins

The hair _MainTex files have to be put in manually into slot 4.

TalentlessDoggo on these forums requested this character. I like this character, so I gave it a try. Hope you all like it & I hope the download works with the skin manager & stuff.


  • oddly enough the hair doesn't change color.. how do i fix this?
  • Can we get a version without the...uhm...Neck tuft? Im fine with two tone skin but the tuft on the chest is distracting for me lul

    Pls? :333
  • edited December 2018
    The hair has to be put in manually because I either don't know how to make it work with the skin manager, or it just doesn't work with the skin manager (Probably the former). Remember it has to be slot 4.

    As for the neck fluff, I just recreated what the character has in pretty much every picture. She's supposed to be a dog, completely covered in fur. I know it doesn't translate the best, but I didn't bother taking too many liberties to change how the character would look in 3D.

    If it's not to your liking, you can edit the body's _MainTex.png pretty easily even in MSPaint. Just smooth out the lighter yellow line going past the big brown circle in the middle/top left with the darker color the rest of the body uses. Sorry, it's just kind of easier this way than dealing with all the files. Files stress me out more than painting the character does, lol.
  • Very nice skin. Charlotte pulls off the Dogmom look well.
  • I'm not getting anything. Help qwq

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