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YL2 Update Dec 2018



  • @odes I have no problems with porn scene building apps, especially as advanced as yiffalicious is, but lack of high quality porn-games makes me sad. It's all either thin porn layer spread over whatever game genre, or abandoned on the way due to how boring the game turns out to be. Maybe some kind of api or 'headless' yiffalicious, after main development will be finalized? So it would be possible to expand it with additional systems or something. It's unity, so flexibility is possible. I know i'm in minority here, but porn-games with interesting systems intertwined with sexy action is what xxx market lacks imo, rack is cool mechanically and in ideas department, but models and animations are...khm...not exciting to work with.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Fair enough. The thing is that making such systems isn't something you can just add on top - it needs to be considered from the very beginning - especially if it's supposed to be interactive.

    We recently did a poll on patreon asking what our fans prefer - interactivity or expressiveness (essentially animation depth). Expressiveness was the most popular choice by a large margin, so it's unlikely that YL2 will get the kind of gameplay systems you'd like to see. However, that doesn't mean a future product couldn't potentially be more gameplay oriented. Currently, all our attention is focused on YL2 though, and there's no concrete plans for another app/game.
  • edited February 2019
    @odes just get facial modification sliders and I'm onboard because Dogson's models on Furaffinity are WAY less cartoony than the ones you guys been showing us here...

  • So, does the deafening silence mean you are close to a release or have you lost all steam and completely stalled?
  • odesodes Administrator
    We posted a large update on patreon last Saturday. It will show up here in the forum around Saturday next week.
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