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How tf Do I Use This in VR Mode?

I created my first yiff  today, and i'd like to access it in VR, POV and all, but these controls are awfully confusing, any help?


  • So the controls are indeed a little wonky. So where you're looking will be a little dot, that is your cursor you'll need your mouse to click around on things. Other than that the controls are pretty much the same! You also sadly can't make poses while in VR mode, you'll need to switch out for that. So since yoi still need your keyboard and mouse, it's better to play sitting down. So some adjusting maybe needed for POV things. I hope this kind of helped ^.^;
  • so are you telling me VR POV is currently not available at the moment?
  • Nope they work. Just take a little getting used to ^.^'
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