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Myname's custom skins [Old Skin Re-upload + Preview Pictures]



  • And that's it, the poll is now closed,  congrats on the top three being Bunny in first place, Dragoness in close second, and Maya in third place!  I greatly appreciate all the engagement in this little poll and hopefully if I do this again,  we will have another high turnout. 


    Hey guys, sorry for not being very active, I was very occupied with my job. I will be releasing 2 bunny skins, 1 Dragoness skin, and 1 Maya skin. The first of my skins will be another bunny "casual clothing" skin second will be a surprise and I honestly am not sure what to do for Maya and Dragoness skins. Hopefully you guys will like them.

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    Update on my skins
    Hello everyone, long time no speak,
    I took a long break from skinning in general as most of y'all know. Mostly as I was not confident with the skins I was producing in comparison to other people's work and the fact that whenever I would have an idea for a skin, coincidentally someone would upload a skin on the same idea I had. After lurking for around a year now, I read a post by a user searching for an ankha skin, and said how the link to the one he had found was broken. So after checking this out, I guess mega decided to just delete all of my skins I had hosted there. I will try to make a huge skin pack of all my old characters and skins if anyone is interested. But other than that, I may post a new skin soon. 

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  • I like your skins. 

  • Any update on that skin pack?
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    I'll probably drop it today, I have been super busy lately...
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    Old Skin Re-Upload + New skin previews
    Hello everyone,
    I would like to apologize in advance for some missing skins from my collection, I was unable to find them all. As a sorry for losing some of the skins, I decided to include two previews to six skins I will post soon. That said I hope you all still enjoy the skins. :)

    Preview skin list:
    -Maya as Ampharos (Sorry if she is green, I am slightly colorblind haha)
    -Illinir as Lugia
    -Bunny as Braixen
    -Illinir as Nidoqueen
    -+2 "clothes skins" (If you can even call them clothes ;) ) One for Maya one for Bunny

    Here you all go:

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