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Inflated belly slowly becoming smaller?

Okay, I really need help with this: I was never sure if this was possible, but is it possible to have an inflated belly becoming smaller slowly resetting itself to the default setting (The belly inflation drive is not affected) after the dick is pulled out? Like, when it's pulled out, a continuing stream of cum flows out of the bottom's ass/vagina? Slowly resetting itself to the default inflation-size? Is something like that possible for Yiffalicious 1?


  • OK Buddy you're gonna want to create a set of snapshots. The first should have the belly at normal state, the second should have the cum event and the female character's belly inflate on cum event active, and the third should have the same settings as the first snapshot. To set a snapshot you right click the snapshot you want to modify (after posing your characters and inputting your settings of course) and clicking "reset to current."

    Hope this helps.
  • edited September 2019
    I see, the "Belly Inflation" drive slider thingy must be on the "Don't grow" state? Also, it's not working
  • I believe there is no way to automatically deflate any inflation slider, even with snapshot settings. It must be done manually after inflation. Hopefully automatic deflation is a feature in YL2.
  • Welp, that's disappointing, thanks anyway
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