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High GPU usage?

Noticed it almost immediately. Sure, my 6gb 1060 isn't the newest thing out there, but even when I'm playing graphically intensive VR games does it not rev up the fans and get as hot as it does with YL2.



  • I've noticed this as well but I think this is a Unity issue more than something the creator does explicitely. I'm getting the same problem playing other current Unity games like Hunt and Snare.

    Usually my Nvidia 1080 ti runs at around 60°C under stress but playing any Unity Game drives it up to 75°C and the fans get audibly louder. Monitoring the GPU I tested different detail settings but the gpu remained at 75°C so it doesn't appear to be an issue with what is effectively rendered.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I think YL2 pushes out as many frames as possible, even up into 300-500. I should probably add a target framerate value so it doesn't go unreasonably high.
  • @odes That would be great, thank you!
  • Sweet, thanks.
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