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Importing OBJ file, part renders black

I imported a simple OBJ file I exported from Blender.  The part renders pure black.  Changing the material settings on the part has no effect.

Here is the OBJ file in question:

Let me know if there are any details you need to help diagnose this.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Looking through the obj file, it doesn't seem to have UVs. I think those are required for the object to work in YL2. Can you try unwrapping it and see if it makes any difference?
  • Ahhhh, that makes sense.  That's probably it.
  • Okay, adding a UV map has fixed that problem, but there's a new one now.  I figured I'd re-use this topic instead of creating a new one.

    As you can see, the effect of this radial mask does not appear where expected.  The gizmo indicates that it's at the tip of the tail, yet the effect appears in a different place.  I'm guessing that this is somehow related to the scaling of the part.

    Sure-enough, a little experimentation yields an easy way to reliably reproduce this.
    1) Add a part, select the scalie tail model, and increase the scale of the part.
    2) In the part's texture builder, add a radial gradient mask, and move it to the tip of the tail.  Its effect will be in the wrong place.  I don't know if this effect occurs with other mask types.

    A curious observation: I tried this with the canine tail, and didn't get the same results.
  • is there a public release yet?
  • edited January 2020
    I also discovered that the tongue moves around when the head is rotated in pose mode.  This seems to occur regardless of the head model or other head and tongue settings.

    EDIT: correction, it seems to occur with canine, feline, and scalie heads.  It does not seem to occur with canine2 or bunny heads.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Excellent reports TauTeFox. I'll investigate these as soon as I can.
  • odesodes Administrator

    Can you share this yl2c file with me? I can't reproduce the this issue with the built-in parts.
  • @TauTeFox The texture builder is still dependent on the uv's of the part. Have you made sure the model is unwrapped correctly? I've experimented with imported parts myself and haven't had any issues.
  • odesodes Administrator
    The texture builder bug has been fixed.

    I can't seem to find any issues with tongues though. The tongues follow head just fine for me for canine, feline and scalie.


    Can you share an image or file?
  • @odes I think this is related to the skinning problem you're already aware of. The tongue is rigged correctly to the head bone but the lower jaw is still influenced slightly by the neck bone which gives it the apperance of the tongue being out of place.

  • odesodes Administrator
    Ok I see what you mean. Adding to todo.
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