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(to developers) yiffalicious is amazing! Keep going!

Guys the yiffalicious is amazing thing you did
Really its very cool i like it so much
And when the 2.0 update will be released?
And could you add futa and herm versions to every actuall female character?
But anyway keep going guys


  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks @Diasher!

    Right now we're focusing on fixing bugs that people have been reporting in the current build. It's hard to tell how long these bugs will be to fix. Some are quite tricky. Hopefully it shouldn't take too long. We prefer being able to offer a new build every month so we feel patrons get their moneys worth.

    Herms will most definitely be implemented. That is, a balls/sheath mesh that also has a vagina.

    Thanks again.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited January 6
    I just realized this was posted in the Yiffalicious forum. Sorry, I thought we were talking about YL2.

    There's no public release date for YL2 atm. We want to have both the character editor and the interaction systems in a good state before that happens.

    No more work on Yiffalicious will happen. All our attention is focused on YL2.
  • thanks for info odes
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