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Milla the Sheep

edited January 9 in Characters
I now Fixed her!

Her fluff seems much more natural.
I managed to resize portions of the fluff on her entire body to make some areas more populated and others less so. With a little variety it looks more natural.

I also deleted and redid her chest fluff.

Then I realized her Fill skin is set to certain amount of smoothness which I toned down, making most of the fluff less like pieces of paper that shines light. This should give you the idea to make a Scalp mask and have a high smoothness on that for a shinier hair.

And then upped her actual skin smoothness.

I can now say shes complete... ish. Will probably do more edits when new models can be attached.



Honestly, she is actually a bit of a failure, too much undesignated fluff work.

But honestly not too worth it, the fluff work simply isnt ruffled up to look natural, but thought ide share what I did manage.


A thing I realized something, the character creator stage (Nature) is the place all these NEW characters come from and onwards to new locations. That sign is lowkey giving us that sweet Yiff Souls lore.


  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    *sees all that fluff*

    BUT I'm really impressed by the effort and it doesn't look bad at all, good work!
    Is it taxing for your system though? Any drop in frame rates?
  • @Dogson Surprisingly, almost none at all. You can try her out yourself. And thats a good thing you guys did for YL2. I thought my crummy old laptop would have a hard time, but its actually going very smoothly. Even with all that fluff, the only thing it does NOT do with that fluff is give me the ability to Undo. So before doing something I might regret, I had to manualy save, and then load it whenever I made a crucial mistake. (And there were some funny and horrifying mistakes).
  • odesodes Administrator

    What issue with undo did you have exactly?
  • @odes It was not a big deal at all, honestly. I think from the amount of fluff that I added, something must have no longer been keeping a tab on undo-ing. Even after a manual load it wouldn't undo. However, now that I go back to check, I can undo. I even saw in Edit>undo was greyed out before, now it isnt. I guess I never restarted the app to refresh and fix it.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited January 8
    If it happens again, please grab the output_log.txt and send it to me.

    Loading will not restore undo history. (This is standard behavior for any application.)
  • edited January 8

    Alright then, il grab a txt whenever I find an issue like that again.

    And I do know that undo function works that way, what I meant was, even after manual loading, and then doing some work, I was still unable to Undo that work. Edit>undo was greyed out etc. Which forced me to use manual saving/loading as my makeshift Undo.

    Edit: A pretty mild problem considering simply restarting the app fixes the problem.

  • odesodes Administrator
    Ah ok gotcha. :)

    Well, lemme know if it happens again.
  • Added a Fix to her! No longer a failure!
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