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Human Head/Feet, and More!

edited January 2020 in Suggestions
I believe a great part of the community would like to see humans on Yiffalicious, as it's been discussed for years now. And now with YL2 and it's character builder, I believe it's the best time to implement it. Because all that's left in it is the human head and feet, as we already have the rest.

And with it, we'd have the liberty to expand beyond just humans, and customize them to make other species. Like, for example:

Neko Girls: (which, by the picture, reminds me that heterochromia would be a nice addition

Elves: (humans with pointy ears)
(wich i believe was intended for YL1 → )

Succubus: (elves with horns and wings)

and, most importantly, we could have Humans x Furry like this

 or this

After all, we already have humanoid bodies and a human dick in YL2. So why not the rest too


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    I'll be soon linking the images, guys. They, for some reason, aren't showing up

    Edit: Should be working now XD
  • I think I remember them saying they are against having human characters at one point. Dont know what they would say now. However, I feel as if a 3D version of humans and in YL2 will look pretty uncanny and or awefull. In order to make a human face palatable you have to go into much more respectable detail than you do with animals because we are used to Human faces so much we can tell when something looks off, but for animals it is easier to buy the illusion even when they have the same faces (Like they do now in YL2). Even animu looking characters would clash with the 3d style they went with in YL2.

    They are going to have to surprise me with whatever they have to make humans look good.

    Sorry if im so against this, its just that I personally fear human heads/Faces due to the clash it will have in this current style. Human faces are better done close to a variety in style and some semblense of realism, especially in an immersive 3d Experience. There is another patreon project, quite popular that features Human X Furries/Beasts, and in that project, the furries have beastly/realistic animal features, which better fits to have humans in.
  • I do remember several discussions on human characters in the game, but quoting @Dogson on the link I provided on the elf girl:

    "we can assure you that Yiffalicious will always be Furry to the core as long as Me and Odes are tinkering on it, that said, we won't shut out the idea of having human, humanoids and other fantasy creatures in it at some point either. Not as something that will replace the furry theme, but kind of a sidenote, if you will, but at this point it's far in to the future."

    So if they are still on the fence about it, or have decided on implementing humans or not, I simply don't know. That post was from December 2016, so they most likely have a final say on this, and if they decided that they won't be implementing humans, then that's ok, it's complitely understandable.

    Also, anime looking characters were never in my mind, those are just (bad) references I got. And about the human face, it is indeed harder to make it right, and even harder to still fit into the game, for the exact reasons you said, but it's not impossible.

    The head above, for example, is realistic enough to look like a human, but also cartoonish enough that could fit into the game's style, imo.
  • odesodes Administrator
    It's extremely unlikely that humans will make it into YL2 at any point.
  • @odes
    Care to explain your reasoning on this? I've been wondering why for a long while now. Considering how popular human-anthro porn is, it seems like a natural path to explore at some point. It's also a lot trickier to tell certain kinds of stories (the juxtaposition between ordinary and extraordinary, for example) with just anthro characters, I find. I'm pretty sure Patreon isn't going to throw a hissy fit over it, either, since other games with human-anthro porn are thriving there without issue.
  • odesodes Administrator
  • I'm rather sad about this.
    I hate bringing up other software.. but i see humans on anthros all the time in second life.
    I was honestly looking forward to setting up some interspecies fun between anthro and human
    I mean, as long as it's not something forced on every user, i don't see the issue.
    Plus humans don't have to look real.. 
  • Don't have to look real, you say?

    Make some shoes to cover the feet and you're good to go

  • That is so perfect. :D
  • I meant they could be stylized like Tourlist was suggesting.
    They don't have to be ultra realistic looking, or photo-realistic.
  • One question to answer would be what do people need more; full human characters, or just human bodies?

    For example, I wouldn't mind a human body for doing POV scenes, if there were a way to make a scene POV only, then the character wouldn't need a head at all, which is the part that's most difficult about adding a full human character.

    That said, characters like Finn from YL1 serve fine as stand-ins for male POV as they have a humanoid penis.
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