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More crazy stuff coming

What should I say ,everything is possible in YL2 :)


  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Huh, well fancy that. Not really my thing but I can appreciate the work being put down by users to get what they want. I'm mostly curious about the limbs, have you tucked the arms and legs in to those spheres i is there any custom texture with alpha that hides them?
  • You just need to set the size of arms and legs to minimum,and hide them in other parts.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Right, man that must have been disturbing seeing those limbs going to small lumps x)
  • Lumps could be portal ring devices,that may feels better :D
  • Oh my goodness this is incredible! 8O
  • Very creative, I find this creepy but still very cool at the same time. I guess I can understand how the entire thing actually works, so good design too.
  • amputee fetish... hmmmm not something id see myself liking, but hey you do you.
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