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Werewolf & Werefox - Judy Hopps - Custom Skins

edited October 2018 in Custom skins
Here are some skins I've made. I'm still pretty inexperienced so forgive me if I mess something(s) up. You can edit any of my skins or do whatever you want, I don't mind. 

Some people wanted humans and/or human skins in the game. That's a bit of a tough request, but I hope that a sort of compromise can be made :). If you're into TF, or just wanna pretend that they shaved their fur off or something, then here you go: Wolf & Fox as Werewolf & Werefox.

*Turn off the Fur Shader settings in the graphics options with these skins. You have to turn this off first, or else these won't look right*

Werefox with dark skin:
Werefox with light skin:
Werewolf with dark skin:
Werewolf with light skin:

Sadly it seems you can't turn off Bunny's hair in game. Luckily her default white hair combined with this extra hair file should look OK.

Judy Hopps Body:
Judy Hopps Eyes:
Judy Hopps Hair (Use in the second hair slot):

So yeah, I hope you enjoy them. :*


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