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Alex fox femboy

Alex is foxy femboy in their twenties who likes parties, orgies and gangbangs. Alex likes females, males and all between but big dicks is what gets them in mood!

Alex prefers being bottom and favorite positions are middle sandwich, cowgirl and 69.

You can find it from the cloud.
I hope you enjoy!



  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    He's a cutie for sure, I wonder what you can create with the dedicated fox head due for this latest release that's coming? <span>:blush:</span>
  • Thanks!
    Perhaps I make a second version with fox head, or maybe even redo the whole character or make a new one.  So many options and possibilities... 
    I just wish there would be more hair templates.
  • Update: Complete overhaul

    I have wanted to remake this character from the very beginning and after a long time, I finally found the time and effort to do so.


    Does any of you ever get tired while creating a character? Or lose your vision of what you want to make? Because I sure did.
    I designed, got tired, designed again, and still was not happy about the result. Not knowing what I want and finding the time and motivation was hard. And the fact that I'm still not satisfied with my work did not help. The garments are extremely simple, especially the jeans.
    And after @Blacky made their tutorial of how to make actually good-looking ones I thought of remaking them one last time but opted to leave them as they are. Perhaps in the future, I do the garments properly but the fox has to wait. I finally decided to upload as is and move on to other projects.

    So I guess the lesson here is to have a clear vision of what you want and find the proper time to do it. Or just don't stress about it so much.

    TLDR: Frustration caused by lack of time and vision.
  • Great new look for the character.

    Ive had the issue of not being happy with something several times as well. Usually, due to some limitations of FurVNE. I find the face and hair to be very important, yet certain characters cannot get that fixed. Although, whenever I do have an issue with a design, usually its because I have not drawn them. When I draw characters, I can usually get that "Design" aspect over there. Although, im not the best artist for design anyway, im mostly drawing to get a better idea.

    And I do spend quite a bit of time on a character even if it seems like I churn them out fast. I try to mostly get done with one character in one sitting, with all the tricks that I have learned, without going deep into any new tricks or resources. But judging by the growing features that Fvne gets, I feel like more people will spend more time on one character.
  • I also think the new look is nice!!!

    Well, tell you what @Static_snowflake: I re-designed my Cassidy Moon again lately and you don't want to know how many hours I spend in total only on her. But every time I do I really have fun and that is what it's all about: fun!

    My roster might be smaller than @Craket 's or @Chyanna 's but what keeps me going is that I enjoy spending time working on those characters and make really unique guys and girls with what someone might call my "style".

    I make up story's in my mind, and have my visions on how they should look like and I power through until they do so BUT I have had so many projects started and put on ice because of the lack of creativity and ability in mesh-handling. After a few months I come back and have some fresh Ideas and what helps most is to do exactly what you like this INSTANT. When I'm in garment mode I only work with blender, I don't even open VNE.

    One last thing: I really love to come back and update what I have to my new status quo until I have a nice idea for a new character.

  • Thanks for the great answers!

    @Craket although FurryVNE is the best character creator available besides blender it cannot do everything. But the idea of drawing and then fitting the character within the limits is very good. I usually just scour through the internet to find references that fit the idea of what I want to create. Sometimes I just cannot decide and then I'm kinda stuck. I also wish I would have your character work mode. I often forget that I can edit them later.

    @Blacky I suppose I forgot to actually have fun. I kinda want my character to look as I envisioned and then stress out when it does not happen. I need to change the way I work. Leave some ideas on hold and work on something else. 
    The garment tutorial you made gave me a lot of ideas, but first, I need to learn how to use the clothing tools. I usually make garments with the basic plane, shrinkwrap and build it from there. I get a low plane count and the clothing looks that way.

    Also, I'd really like to hear about your new character!
  • @Static_snowflake

    First of all, congrats on getting through the redesign. That's more than I can say for my own efforts, hah. For what it's worth, I'd say you did a good job on the jeans; complexity has its merits, but there is much to be said for the power of simplicity as well. In this case, it gets right to the point and shows off the goods with gusto while leaving just enough for the imagination to pique curiosity, so I'd say it worked out quite nicely.

    Not quite so sure about the generous bust on this boy, though. I'm guessing there's some limitations involved with the base mesh not being quite flat-chested enough, no matter how much you wiggle the sliders (the upcoming mesh offset should help remedy that, thankfully) but nevertheless, tits on men is always a bit of a tricky proposition. Call me old-fashioned, but I feel that a male character should look distinctly male, even if they skew heavily in the effeminate direction. Breasts are one of the most distinctly feminine features you could ask for, so they need to be balanced out by more masculine features elsewhere or you risk ending up with a character that frequently gets mistaken for a girl with gonads as opposed to being instantly recognizable as a boy with boobs. Might be worth considering giving him a little goatee, since facial hair is one of the most distinctly masculine features.

    Of course, that's just what my character design sensibilities tell me. If you're specifically going for "androgynous enough to really confuse people", then you're very much on the right track. Could make for an interesting plot point in future interaction scenes, too.
    Does any of you ever get tired while creating a character? Or lose your vision of what you want to make?
    The former, absolutely. Endless tweaking to get an element just right is bad enough, imagine having around 10 - 20 elements in mind that all need the same treatment. Oh boy. The latter, depends how you define vision, I suppose.

    I tend to have a pretty clear vision of what I want in my head, the trouble is my reach always exceeds my grasp when it comes to translating said vision into something tangible, so I need to constantly stop to learn some new tricks to get things done like I envisioned. Doesn't help one bit that I often let feature creep get the better of me as my mind keeps refining the idea faster than my hands can keep up. Or it comes up with a new idea that, after some mulling over, I end up liking better than whatever I'm currently working on, and it gets left in the dust to wait for a period of idea drought. Unfortunately, by the time that happens, I've likely forgotten all about it.

    Let's see... I've got 3 rods in the fire right now, another few on the backburner (one of which has been there for well over a year) and a bunch of old characters that require overhauling, some so drastically it might be better to start with a clean slate instead. And, for good measure, a few that I'm waiting on the custom offsets to start work on, especially a spooky one I'd like to get done by Halloween. Here's a shot of the three being actively worked on (more or less, as I've also got family obligations constantly getting in the way, as well as sleeping poorly and being generally lazy due to the heat waves):

    I've been so caught up in modelling accessories for my character ideas that I've barely touched FurryVNE in all these months, except to generate base meshes to serve as reference mannequins. I probably should at least occasionally pop in to test the shit I make for feasibility, like with that biomechanical giraffoid lady; she's a dystopian megacorporation's tech showcase model, so the idea is to make her chest transparent so you can see how her engineered organs work in action. I haven't got the slightest idea if I can make parts of the base mesh invisible in order to facilitate that concept within the game, to give you an idea of how badly I've put the cart before the horse, here. Of course, that'll likely be a moot point, since I've got no idea how I'm gonna fit her into the cloud; what I've already slapped on her is scraping the triangle limit, so I'm gonna need some especially heavy-handed optimization. Problem there is I've been making things with the limit in mind, so that means compromising on crucial detail work. Might have to scrap the idea, or upload a pared down version to the cloud and a complete version to the forum. If I get around to modelling her insides in the first place, that is. Turns out that's even more complicated to model than I first anticipated. I photobashed myself the reference bellow her, thinking that'd be enough to get the bones done. Ehehe, nope. The pelvis alone took me several failed attempts to get it into even the neighborhood of acceptable, and that's with the benefit of extra references I had to dig around for. I'm tempted to grab a free low-poly skeleton model off the internet and go from there. Oh, and I need some fancy texturing on all this stuff, in order to save up on the triangles. Been dreading that, as I have no idea how long it will take to get sufficiently acquainted with Substance Painter to produce the results I'm looking for, so I've been severely procrastinating on getting started with that.

    My frustrations with trying to wrangle techno-guts led me to take a detour on a slightly different lane; a street chevalier who rides a steed of rubber and steel to battle. Still cyberpunk, but a little less ambitious. Or so I thought. Turns out modelling a fully functional revolver/laser pistol has its own pitfalls, even when I've gone to the trouble of drawing reference blueprints to model off of. And then I went ahead and willingly walked right back into said pitfalls when I figured I'd try the motorcycle with plenty of moving parts instead. Oh well, good practice if nothing else. Hell if I know how I'm going to make either work in-game, though. Maybe I can make use of the garment system's alternate states for the "clothes" in question? Something I've, yet again, failed to test before making my plans. And of course, she still needs actual clothes, too. Been thinking long trench coat, but that might be a bit tricky to implement with current systems. Ah well, the next release has some features that could prove useful for that, and I need that new mouse head and custom offsets to modify it for the look I'm going for, anyhow. Could try fixing up a short jacket now, can always clip some extensions on it later. Just need to decide if I'm going to do it with what I already know well in 3DS Max or if I wanna try out Blacky's method. Will eventually need to make the jump to Blender once my student license expires next year, but working with what you know is a lot more comfortable and potentially quicker, of course. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

    Got a bit tired of all these intricate projects I've been making, so I decided to get back to basics. The sword I modeled for the street chevalier, while fancy enough to require some tricky tweaking, was considerably easier than the other two items. I've got an idea or two for other sword-wielding characters, but they'd also require intricate armor models. I'm obviously going to go into downright autistic detail on how the cloth, maille and plate are layered with that, so I'd just be walking right back into the same pitfalls again. Unless I were to come up with a warrior who doesn't wear much armor. Good ol' barbarian to the rescue, then. Always wanted to do an anthro equine version of that archetype. Gonna need the custom offsets to get the head and neck right, but the weapons I figured I could get ready before then. Turned out to only take a day or two to get both sword and axe done (BTW, bonus retro gaming nerd points for the ones who know which game I stole them from) so might get started on the armor tomorrow. Should do as a nice, pared-down proof-of-concept to only encase one arm in metal. Won't take a whole week of work to do, either. Hopefully.

    Oh hey, that's a lot of text. Well, I hope my ramblings have at least been entertaining, if not insightful.
    But the idea of drawing and then fitting the character within the limits is very good.
    That's called using a blueprint, been standard procedure in 3D modelling since pretty much the inception of the artform. Generally, you want ones for the front and side at the bare minimum, top, back and bottom for good measure if you can get them. Hasn't really been necessary for FurryVNE characters yet, since tweaking the base mesh is relatively easy and limited in-game, but with the incoming custom offset system, it'll become very useful if you're going to be making significant alterations. Of course, you don't need to draw the blueprints; photos will also work, though finding photos online of things from the specific angles needed can be tricky. Still, if you happen to have something like, say, a figurine or a cool jacket around the house, you could take photos of it yourself to use as blueprints.

    I think Craket means a non-3D-blueprint concept sketch of a given character idea in this instance, though. Not terribly useful for the modelling process itself, but very handy for nailing the idea down if you're not entirely sure of your vision yet. Of course, much of that preparatory design brainstorming can also be done by hunting down reference images off the internet, like you've been doing. Tends to be how I approach it too, saves time and effort.
    I need to change the way I work. Leave some ideas on hold and work on something else.
    That's how I've been doing it, when I encounter a problem I can't solve and can't find a solution to (or have to wait for the devs to provide one) I just switch over to another idea until such time as the issues can be resolved. Be careful, though, or you'll end up juggling too many things at once to keep proper track of everything, and then ending up in a cycle of starting new things because you dread going back to the old stuff you've forgotten most of the details on. Remember to occasionally force yourself to finish what you started earlier before you allow yourself to start something new and exiting to keep things in check.
  • @Brownmane, thanks for the kind words. The jeans are not the best but only a part of the bigger picture so they get a pass. May rework them in the distant future.

    As for the character itself, "androgynous enough to really confuse people" is exactly what I was going for. I understand the angle where you are coming from and the character with a little bit of both female and male features can appear rather unappealing for some. This may lead to a lack of popularity in the cloud, but then again if this is a competition, I am already losing.

    The project pictures look extremely interesting!  It is always fun to see behind the curtains to see how things are done. And now that the custom offset has finally come to VNE the possibilities for character creation are endless. Like with you it is hard to find time and motivation to create. A 10-hour workday, five times a week, really takes your time and energy.

    First, of your projects, giraffe Gynoid looks nothing amazing! Cyberpunk style has been on my design list for a long, and you absolutely nailed it! The transparent front and visible mechanics are very interesting and also can be done. You just make the "window" in the shape that you like as a texture, add said texture in the game as a mask, and create alpha of your choice with that texture working as a window. Now you have a gaping hole, but adjust the alpha slider and add a filling for color and vòla!
    Now just fill her insides with your work of love but crank up the light emission to the max so it won't stay shady. Also if you have to optimize, keep the hat and weird tubes. They really make the character!

    Projects two and three are also intriguing. Cannot say much about the characters themselves but the props are the cream of the cake. The bike looks great but very high on polygons. The revolver is really nice looking but could be simplified. But if you want a "downright autistic detail", you could go for a normal map. I have not done it myself but for my understanding, you can add surface details like engravings, battle damage, or wear and tear. This does not work with mesh details, so there's that. Also, there is a lot you can do inside VNE like add holes or other details to save time and effort. Also, I don't know where the axe is from but it sure looks cool.

    About problem-solving, the custom offset is going to change a lot. The way you can modify the base mesh in any way you see fit is solving a lot of creative problems. Of course, the limits of this system will be discovered soon enough but the wonders we can create before is what I am excited about!

  • @Static_snowflake
    This may lead to a lack of popularity in the cloud, but then again if this is a competition, I am already losing.
    There's much to be said for catering to niche audiences, though. Mainstream popularity is a fickle thing, often gained and lost more by luck than by effort. A niche, especially one starved for content, however, tends to be fiercely loyal to those who cater to it. Of course, catering to one carries the risk of one becoming somewhat trapped in it, and if one isn't careful, trying to break out of that could end up pissing off the niche. There are few things as terrible as a fanbase scorned, as love and hate are but two sides of the same coin. And once the cold indifference of apathy sets in when the storm of rage subsides, there is little hope of regaining their love.

    An alternative of sorts is the scattershot approach. Many of the comic book legends of old, for example, have for every massively popular character they have to their name (the likes of Spiderman or The Joker) also a dozen other characters that languish in relative obscurity. The trick is to make a wide variety of things to throw at the wall; chances are something will stick eventually. Of course, then comes the question of whether to keep trying new things or to start catering to the niches uncovered by this approach.

    Then there's the third option, which I personally favor; do what one likes and tell everyone else to go fuck themselves if they don't like it. It doesn't earn one many friends, but it will give one the most freedom. Of course, if what one personally likes happens to align with an audience (or a few different ones if one's very lucky) to a sufficient degree, one will slowly build popularity that way too, and there are many who admire uncompromising artistic vision even if they don't entirely agree with one's artistic choices.
    Cyberpunk style has been on my design list for a long, and you absolutely nailed it!
    Thank you kindly. Been a fan of the aesthetics of the genre ever since I was first exposed to it by an old game by the name of Syndicate Wars way back when I was just a kid, good to know I've managed to capture the essence of it. Thanks for the design tips, too. I've got a few ideas that could benefit quite a bit from rendering parts of the base mesh invisible, so will keep that in mind.
    Cannot say much about the characters themselves but the props are the cream of the cake.
    Thanks again. Probably spent a lot more time than I should have on them, but eh, always good to get in some modelling practice for the future, and can always reuse them for other stuff later. Here's some more detailed shots of them (bike's a bit of an older version, though, missing the handlebars and kickstand):

    The bike looks great but very high on polygons.
    It's actually not that high, clocking in at 5,324 triangles (2,984 polygons) in its current iteration. Could probably optimize it a bit, but I'd lose a lot of the curves on it. I'm more worried about the gun, that's a hefty 7,388 triangles without bullets, 11,036 with bullets loaded in all six chambers. Will need to see about creating a heavily simplified version for use in-game. The sword, because of the fancy hilt, clocks in at 4,626 tris.

    The barbarian's armaments clock in at only 1,148 tris for the sword (and that's after doing some detailing on the hilt that could probably have been done just as well with normal mapping) and 784 tris for the axe. Will probably increase a bit for both as I refine them further, but I'll be careful to keep it in check.

    Oh, and the axe is rather fittingly called "Eclipse" in the game it's from. I made it a bit different from the original in order to make it very slightly less unrealistic in terms of weight distribution, plus with the handle the way I made it, when you flip the weapon over it doubles as a spear with an oversized, bladed knuckleduster for when the opponent is too close for comfort. I like it when one weapon can be used in a wide variety of roles.
    you could go for a normal map. I have not done it myself but for my understanding, you can add surface details like engravings, battle damage, or wear and tear.
    Last time I tried baking some normal maps (in an attempt to give more detail to the texture-based latex "clothes" on a character I was working on before the garment system was available) the results left much to be desired. I suspect 3DS Max isn't the best tool for map baking/editing. I did grab myself Substance Painter to remedy the issue, but various things got in the way and I still haven't sat down to properly figure that software out.

    Normal maps, while very handy for otherwise resource-intensive surface detail work, have their limits. If an object is going to be viewed up close and personal, those limits become very apparent very quickly. Like you said, it's merely the illusion of depth projected onto the surface, so if you were to view a flat surface closely at an angle, you'd instantly see it for the illusion it is. One can work around that by increasing the detail on the mesh a little bit, so the surface isn't quite flat to better mask the illusion, though. There's also a few other map types that do provide a better illusion (even some that outright modify the mesh surface) but they are much more resource-intensive and aren't available in FurryVNE. Not yet, at least.
    Of course, the limits of this system will be discovered soon enough but the wonders we can create before is what I am excited about!
    I've thought about trying to wrangle a feral character out of it to test the absolute limits of the system. Not going to jump on that right away, though, as I suspect it's going to require a lot of tweaking, finagling and jury-rigging to get it to cooperate for such a massive overhaul of the base humanoid form. Will make for an interesting challenge, but I've got other, simpler ideas that take priority.
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