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Yiffalicious1's fate?

edited August 2020 in General discussion
This isnt the first time i asked this, but uhhh,..
Can we at least have something to hold on to while YL2 is in production? Maybe some patches for more custom skins for characters, or maybe even new character? That'd be lovely

Ive been messing with YL1 since it was an early, early access, back when skin selections and "hairstyles" were locked and there wasnt much characters to play with...and boy did it took some time (years!) for it to be fully released. And its not even that diffrent from its early access form when its "finished". Just a few (TOO few) characters added, new maps...Meh, and maybe some what, Christmas themed boxes? :l

Since yall (if ive read correctly) were making YL2 from scratch, and it was going to be the successor for the first, with tons more feature and what have you to be added, i can only imagine how long it would take to finish this one. Let alone waiting for some poser systems that allows proper sex scenes to be made.
At least when YL1 was still in its first legs, it already has a poser system with penetration and expression sliders so we can already mess around. Heck, @Odes you remember that Lugia app? How come we never get oral pen for YL1 characters? :/

Sorry, rambling. My point is: Cant there be some man power spared for YL1 for the moment? Give us new characters to play with. Or maybe release some sorta dev tools for other people to make their own characters? That kindof thing...
It may revive the hype, and with hype, comes more customers, yes? 

Im no techie, so go easy on me.

(If you didnt catch it yet, yea im really wishing for new characters lmao.)


  • I rather they focus on yl2. It sounds like yl1 has just simply gotten outdated and does not let for easy development. which is why i think they went to go with yl2 from scratch, so that they develop the app in such a way that makes it possible to develop more easily. Some characters in yl1 imo are outdated compared to later characters of yl1, which is maybe why it feels like there are little characters.

    yl2 will allow for even more characters, so we are in a situation where we just have to trust and be patient for an even greater reward.
  • Yeah I agree, YL2 has absolute priority. There are only two main developers Odes and Dogson and what you're asking for wouldn't work without involving them both.
    The whole reason they decided to start from scratch is because every new system they were putting in was attached to the character itself. Upgrading older characters would mean they'd have to completely redo them from scratch every time to get a new system working with all of them.
    YL2 will have all those systems independent from the character so they can be used with all current and future characters people will create.
    I know it's hard to wait but I'm sure they'll get around to the "game" part once the character creator is solid enough.
  • +1 on the wish for more characters for YL1. Even just female versions of the existing male models will make for many interesting scenes and could result in more patreon funding.
  • edited November 2020
    @Placebo00 is making a point, tho most comments that disagree with ur point are most likely subbed or have a cracked version from the web. (cracked is basically like burning a music disc from the library and onto a flashdrive) any ways i do agree with u placebo its been 2 years now? since they pulled the plug on yl1 and all we see is yl2 content. theres limits in yl1 i prefer it more then yl2. i dont own yl2 i dont plan too.
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