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Giraffe Head clippings and Lower Graphic Fluff on skytemple issues

edited August 2020 in Issues
More issues to annoyingly correct! Yay!

Giraffe head ft_m_default max has his teeth gums sticking out of his mouth.
Not that big of an issue, work around is to set the M_default head down to about half.

Small crack to giraffe's back jaw gets pronounced when manipulated
Manipulated, as in when smiling/mouth closing. Is this a big issue? Not at all, but has potential to become more pronounced if more facial expressions are planned. Admitedly, this could be just me nitpicking something that wont be a problem at all.

In skytemple and Nature at Medium or lower graphics settings, fluff lets you peer into the shadowrealm.
Celestial do not have this issue with fluff. So I do not know if it is the fluffs fault, or the Stage's fault. I think it would be wise to figure that out so that medium and lower graphical settings dont look bad with any future levels. But then again, is medium and lower expected to be used often? Maybe once multiple characters enter the scene.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for reporting. Fluff shadow realm has been fixed. I've forwarded the other problems to dogson.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Giraffe funkiness fixed for next release.
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