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Playable relase.

I would to ask If there is any info about playable version YF2? I mean to just creator but also sex-scenes there is already around 200-300 characters created by just others players.

Also why no more patreon updates on this site? Im sure If there will be updates like before I wont ask those questions but it has been months from last update here.

Im post In Y2 cause others category looks death.Sorry If It was problem.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Work on interactions will start after character editor. What's left on character creator is fur shading + authoring, and possibly clothing too. Once we have that, we'll start working on more dynamics systems (shafts, balls), and then move into interactions.

    All updates that can be public on Patreon, will be (according to Patreon's rules). I also post updates on my twitter.
  • Just so you @odes, Virt-a-Mate by MeshedVR is pushing on to their 2.0 version now, while their 1.20.x is very well crafted already.
  • edited August 2020
    Why not busy yourself with that then until YL2 is done?
    No need to be pushy, especially if you're not even a Patron in the first place.

    Work has been continuous and progress is being made and I'm sure you can understand why the devs prioritize keeping their Patreon supporters updated before making public posts on the forums.

  • odesodes Administrator
    edited August 2020
    The guys behind Virt-A-Mate are amazingly skilled and very hard working. I'm very impressed with what they've accomplished, and can do nothing but salute their hard work.

    I must admit I haven't made the progress this summer as I was hoping. The warm weather is really killing me and affecting my ability to work. Hence why fur has been pushed one release already, and probably will be pushed again. I just can't focus on more difficult tasks when it's like this (my apartment is at top of building and it gets like a sauna in here). Instead, I've been focusing on simpler tasks, like the cloud changes.

    There has also been outside real life things affecting the progress. This month (as well as earlier this year) we've had (and still are) dealing with bureaucratic problems. If you've dealt with anything like it, you'll know what an absolute work-killer it is.

    Anyway, hopefully that should be all fixed soon. I can't wait to get back into making real progress again.

    (Also, I think it goes w/o saying, but meshedvr has roughly 10x the support our project has, so naturally that plays into the progress they're able to make.)

    That being said, I still think we've managed to do real progress every month. And not fake progress, but real, solid progress. There are plenty of other projects that have comparable support to our project, but not the same progress. Many of them suffer from recurrent severe regressions. In the end, I think our idea is very unique, and we have proven the progress we make is real.
  • Good to hear that I also pref wait more but get version with no bugs and many options than dealing with bugs and lak of content,good luck,I will be waiting.
  • @odes If you are like me and would rather have it a bit too cold than too warm, then I fully sympathise with you! And let's face it; YL2 is aimed at a bit more niche audience.
  • Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere but will the interactions system be similar to the previous version (exclusively penetration of vag or anus) or will it be more custom and unfixed? Or maybe a mix of both?
  • odesodes Administrator
    It will allow for far more custom animation, while offering automatic behaviors for different kinds of penetration. For starters, only anal and vaginal, but more behaviours will be added later on.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    I just want to attest to the notion that summer here has been pure hell. Hot, muggy days and no real respite on nights because the temperature wont drop any significantly numbers. 

    Then again, the more I grow older the more summer is turning in to the season were I don't want to spend almost any time outside.

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