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edited January 1 in Characters

Bea Santello, moody 20 year old from Possum Springs, has found a new way to fund her college. while still working in Ol' Pickaxe, she has more secretive side job making amateur soft porn. She knows others may find out her hobbies, but it pays and while Bea would never admit it, but she really enjoys showing her curves for the whole internet to see. While swinging around the pole, she wears way too small bikini that does not properly cover her self trained butt hole. So while you enjoy her work, remember to tip!

Beatrice Santello is a character from the game Night in the Woods

Dance pole and shoe parts are disabled. Bikini top fits properly while jiggliness is zero in pose mode.

Authors note.

This character was long time coming and for a while I completely lost interest. After I played NITW I knew I had to bring Bea to FurryVNE, but without proper clothing idea it would not work. I have done other shoes already but proper high boots would be challenge and even now I`m not competently satisfied of how they look and how they size.

But the main idea for her clothing I got from the amazing @kittysasha and their Sasha characters custom made bikinis. If they could do it so could i! It took a lot of time, effort and rework to get them just right but I´m really happy how they work out. The dance pole idea I got from @JohnVermer s many custom parts. And I may have borrowed their belt piece for the boots so all credit goes to them. The pole was the last piece of the puzzle and while simple it still works.

This is kinda simple character in general design but the modeling of custom parts really shows how much I still have to learn.


Oh and happy new year 2021!


  • odesodes Administrator
    Really cool stuff, thanks for sharing!
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