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Idle animations and other thoughts

Firstly, I'm so impressed with where FurryVNE currently is in alpha. After seeing YL1 I'm hopeful for animations and interactions in this game to be amazing.

One feature I was enamored with in YL1 was the ability to just pose a character and use the 'random movement' feature so it would seem like the character was breathing or fidgeting, immediately giving the model so much more life.

I'm sure it will be some time before full-fledged interactions are implemented, but is there a chance we'll see a smaller update anytime soon with a feature like this?

Also, since this is the suggestion board there were a few other things I wanted to weigh in on:

1. A few people have been asking about different vagina options and I understand there are some technical restrictions that make that challenging. While I'm honestly really satisfied with the current options of puffiness, bulge, fold, etc. one thing that could add more fun variety would be the ability to increase clitoris size, shape, and angle. Even just slightly so that the rest of the model wouldn't have to change around it much.

2. 5-toed humanoid feet would be an awesome option. Regardless of whether or not humans are in the game, lots of artists draw their anthro characters with humanoid feet and prefer them to paws.

Thanks again to the devs working on this, it's truly inspirational. Someday I hope to have the modeling knowledge to be able to participate in such a project. Looking forward to updates!


  • odesodes Administrator
    The idea is definitely to make the characters seem more alive than in Yiffalicious, so breathing and random movement will be implemented an improved on. You'll also be able to animate manually to add even more personality to your characters.

    1. While I don't think we'll have specific options for this, you could fake it with an additional custom part or appendage group. We're working on a mesh blending tech that can blend meshes together, making seams more difficult to percieve. It could work for this perhaps.

    2. Forwarded to dogson.

    Sure thing, thanks for the suggestions.

    All the best.
    - odes
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    5 toed Humaniod feet is planned and will be included in to the coming realeases.
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