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[Elaine] Anubian Jackal/Nefer (+New Versions)

edited April 2018 in Custom skins
Largely inspired bu the character Nefer, which is a an Anubian Jackal, heres a skin for Elaine, whose body type I feel fit the theme I was going for the best. Its a shame female/herm canines arent a thing in YL yet, but one can dream. ;

List of goodies:
-Blueish grey coat (felt like plain black was just too boring, hard to tell details. I still recommend using it with some of the Wetness slider on, 10 or 20%);
-Black hair and genitals, I really like the contrast it offers;
-Assorted piercings, bracelets and the ankh tattoo on the thigh;
-Yellow eyes. (red, green, hazel, black or brown look awesome too);
-Eye makeup (which was a nightmare to make look like how I really wanted, paid off in the end);!QaxhVJIR!DX531tUxweSXZT5lpYrJnRdsFi4g71M2YqhlK2Vd-6M

Just dump the folder in the right place as usual, probably works with managers aswell, path just in case:


Hope you  enjoy it! If this gets some good feedback, I might consider a white version aswell =]

And here they are, some additional versions:

White Version:


Original (Clean Shaven):!0KxnCZwZ!1rlsYmEMxHtFKp51gHY_6LlRB-JOcx-N0kwr1YMutMc


White (Clean Shaven):!cSBAFBLD!Dhvd3eY73MsuqfVdbEtIouHLXmCqar4pP0urOFKRgmg

Enjoy! = )


  • Holy cr*p this is well done. The skin is smooth (when some wetness is put in) and noice all round. Makes me wanna use Elaine again, not that she's ugly to begin with.

    Ty :333333
  • Uhm, be mindful tho, colouring in some parts of the nips are still pretty rough. Hope to get a fix soon cuz im no good at it.

    And maybe a shaved version too :333
  • See, the apparent messy coloring around the nips is ''intentional''. Elaines model is pretty old compared to some of the newer models and because of that it has some issues. One of those issues being the mask for the nipple area not being a perfect circle, it literally has a triangle shaped dent, which makes skinning/coloring a lot harder. I tried to make it as round as I could, but model seams will always be the bane of my existance. As for a shaven version, ill get around to post it eventually, alongside the white version.
  • @Placebo00 Clean version is here! = )
  • Oh boy.....Now i dont know what to pick. Damn skin slot limitations.....

    Thx man! :3
  • Oh great, now MEGA tells me that i have to wait for an hour 47 minutes just to download a 600kb+ file.

    Seriously, fuck MEGA sometimes.
  • @Placebo00 turn off your router for 10 seconds and try again, this should fix it, i do this when im downloading from uploaded or when mega files exceed the download limit
  • Can you make a download or update so that this skin can be used with skin manager?
  • To be honest, i dont really know how a skin becomes compatilble with managers, always assumed that as long as the folder tree is identical to the appdata folder tree it should work. Then again, using skins the manual way is just as easy, at least for me.
  • @zagalakk just use the Live Skin Dropper. Just place the images on the slot and click save skin. it will automatically make a zip file

  • link is broken, loved the skin
  • The files seem to be no longer available as of 2021
  • Yeah... file ain't available. Would love to get this skin though ngl.
  • it too late for a save here? Really wanting the skin in 2022.
  • I've remade this skin, its under remakes oddly enough =) theres alot of stuff in the remakes thread.
  • Would've loved to have this...
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