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Hyper pussy

I already posted this into the cloud suggestions so why not here too.

We already have huge cocks in many different shapes, but the law of equality demands a huge pussy!

What I mean about this is the overall size of it. There are already ways to customize the vagina but to change the size is directly linked to the size of the pelvis. That is not exactly flexible, at least when comparing to all the customizability of the penises.

The solution would be either inflation scale or general size scale to the existing vagina model. It won't be exactly a cakewalk to implement but Dogson has already done it for his own personal character, so it is not impossible.

And here are some other references:

Please tell me what do you think of this.


  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    This should be relatively okay to do since we have support for tweakables. I'd love to do it at a point but please keep in mind that getting interactions going sits in the front seat for now.
  • I understand. all good things come with time.
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