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How to manually locate interaction file

I used the app before I left town for the weekend, when I came back and attempted to use it all my local interactions were gone. I checked the folder and they are all still there under "Interactions" but the app doesn't show them, is there any way to tell the app where to look manually?


  • odesodes Administrator
    Might be that you were on another account on the computer?

    Local interactions are always stored in "%appdata%/Yiffalicious/interactions/local".
  • @odes
    I checked the route it would be looking for and think I solved part of the problem, I renamed the "Yiffalicious" file which is what I would assume would start the problem. I changed the name back to "Yiffalicious" but the problem didn't correct itself.
  • I tried re-installing yiffalicious and replacing the files for custom skins and levels, it didn't solve the issue, still not recognizing either.
  • @odes
    Last update, I re-installed the app (again) I left the file where it downloaded rather than moving it to another folder (like I typically do). I copied the individual files rather than the entire folder and it fixed itself.
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