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[Fox Fem-boy] QuoteFox

edited January 2019 in Custom skins

Answering Request

My recommendations:

  • Fur Shading ON
  • "EyeLashesThickness" on Maximum




  • looks great! thanks.
  • edited February 2019
    Well, hope that QuoteFox won't get upset if you post some sex scene pic in furaffinity.
  • @ryulee1996
    just remember to credited the creator(QuoteFox not me) when you do
  • @kedke100
    Probably sure QuoteFox will report me no matter if I credit him. Reason, he blocked me but not getting to that.
  • its nice to respect peoples art, but its not required. While we should all try to get along, at the same time, we should ALL try to get along... unless the character is trademarked or registered, there is no conflict here.

    Additionally, you CAN use the likeness of a character in a different medium.
    what you cannot do is damage an IP, a legally registered IP.
    even then it becomes muddy due to satire and etc.
    damaging an IP is causeing them monetary loss, this can be done by either you collecting money they would have, or, by you presenting a product that is poor quality or opposite of the intent.. ex: you sell a tshirt with a stick figure Mario on it or Mario throwing a nintendo away and picking up a Sega product. these things can be interpretted as "damages" in various ways.

    Yiffalicious is a program people use to act out thier fantasies, theres no "in the view of the public" and skins cant really be policed becuse each person has thier own intent with the skin, that being said the skins arent auto applied via screenshot so the end user has to apply them everytime it is used, and, they have to choose to do so...

    so while it IS nice to respect Artists wishes... you arent required to.
    and while we like to say "we should all get along.." that means ALL of us, not just one of us.
  • I don't agree. Much like drawing fanart of peoples characters, it should be only done if they are comfortable with the idea and content the character is going to be used in. It's not a matter of getting along but of common decency and respect. No one is going to come after you if you recreate a character for your own private pleasure but offering that skin/model to the public or uploading screenshots or videos with it is something different, especially when you copy the design and use the name of the oc.

    While the artist can't technically stop you, that kind of behavior is generally frowned upon and considered a dick move for a reason.
  • edited November 2021
    Yeah, well, you dont have to agree, *if* you agree or not is completely irrelevant.
    Fanart and etc fall under fair use and as long as the art is not being used to damage the IP then there is no problem.

    Attempting to force ones own morals upon others via an attempt at shaming could also be considered a *dick move* and likewise is frowned upon.

    So again I reiterate, We should *ALL* get along, and that doesnt mean complying with *YOUR* ideals. We already have rules in place, those are being followed, if *you* choose to further restrict *your own* actions, so be it, but you dont get to tell the rest of us to comply with *your* standards.


  • On a completely different topic lol, I like the fact that our foxy here looks like he's wearin a condom. Could we possibly get other character skins to have one on?
  • edited January 2022
    Honestly, im not quite sure how OP changed the colors on foxy's donger to begin with. I guess i missed/lost a file or two? Or maybe it comes with the most recent skin manager? Been a hot minute since i used that thing...

    P.S; Or maybe i just need to create the folder for it then add whatever _maintex.png i want? lul

    P.P.S; Oh, the "zero" folder is where its at...Nvm im an idiot lmao
  • Lmao, no worries. I'll have to try my hand with blender again (tbh I suck using it lol). If I can't get my stone age laptop to work, then I'll create a new post about the suggestion I made.
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