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Blacky's Character Universe - Shanon O'Brien "Neon Flower" - Water Dragoness



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    What an October this was! I had quite a lot to do, took a break the last few days waiting till the new build would be released, fixing the bug that got me delayed on this one but now It's the firts of November and I managed to pull through today. I'm back with a really funny one for my 30'th character:

    -Banjo the Bear-

    The making of

    Yes, I know, this one's clearly not from myself and I'm not that guy who does a lot of OC's but here he is. I had hell of a fun to create him, I really love the Banjo&Kazooie series and maybe I'll do a little funny costume for him to make him part of my Savage union. Out of all furry characters he has to be the one playing the banjo if I'll do some Irish Folk music video in the future ;)

    Now, for the real deal:

    I took picture from smash bros. as reference:

    The banjo itself is not made by myself but is a open source obj. as well as the textures.

    The rest of his garments are made by myself.

    The belt is just a little reworked from my old belt which I use on almost every character, the pants are made with simply cloth pro and the backpack is half subdivision surface modifier work and half curve path + circle work (for the straps)

    Necklace is made with curve path + circle as well.

    Now for his appearance, I checked out all the heads we have and guess what, I ended up with the mouse! head. Did some heavy custom offsets, expanding and inflating the muzzle, but the rest of his body shape is just slider work in FVNE.


    The name

    Banjo's name is based on a musical instrument of the same name: the banjo. Incidentally, Banjo himself is known to be an experienced banjo-player, although the only time Banjo was ever seen playing his banjo was during the introduction theme in Banjo&Kazooie.

    Game references

    Like already mentioned I'm not owning him, he is a nintendo/rare character,programmed by Chris Sutherlan.

    He is the main character of the Banjo&Kazooie series and has a few appearances in racing games like Diddy Kong Racing or Banjo Pilot with his newest appearance in super smash bros. ultimate as a DLC in 2021.


    Banjo is a well-mannered, sweet-natured, easygoing honey bear. He uses "Mr." or "Mrs." when speaking to people and generally likes to help people out. While he always means well, he sometimes comes off as a bit slow. He tries to say something witty every now and again, but he usually isn't any good at it.

    Despite his niceness, he can have short moments of being aggressively straightforward when angry. Banjo flip-flops a bit when it comes to his bravery - at times he will jump into a situation quickly, but other times he acts timid and doesn't want to commit.

    In all cases, however, he would much rather sit down and have either honey, pizza or a nap, suggesting he is somewhat lazy. He has a younger sister named Tooty and is always accompanied by his breegull pal Kazooie.

    He's living on spiral mountain and has met with "Drumstick" several times while their racing career was still on going.

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    So first things first before you ask where this enviroment comes from: I made it just for her. Also if you want to have fun with her inside the little entrence hall of my office you can do that by downloading her full file here:

    Yes, it's finally time to re-release a quite successful oldie of mine. I had a hard one with her 'cause she's very special to me and I wanted to do her justice. I was thinking for weeks what kind of clothes to give her and the idea to give her this outfit is indeed a bit brave since she has not the body shape for it...or has she?

    -Nicolette "Nikki" Renard-

    -My personal secretary-

    The making of

    So let's talk about her and why she's a special one.

    Nikki is an incarnation of what I like on girls in general. She's cute, curvy, has red hair and is a cheeky one. She is actually a lot like Cass, but Nikki is the "good girl" while Cass is the "bad girl". There is one point thought that differs from Cass a LOT. I never planned to give Nikki clothes at all. From the very beginning I knew how Cass should look like if I ever would have the ability to do that (which I have now) but Nikki was always a blank one. I made her out of nothing, no templates, no referenes no new-modern-bullshit-things I do now, just simple creativity.

    And she felt right.

    Unfortunately I made a big mistake when I first made her. I tilted the fluff used for her hair upside down and added emission to create some different color shades. Yeah, what a dumb idea, but back then I didn't know. This mistake however forced me to rework her hair entirely since it had the glow in the dark effect and to be honest...the new hair style just didn't felt like the old. Meanwhile I learned stuff in blender using that as an chance to change her style and I added a hair-band, skirt, hot-pants and a top to her.

    That looked OK'ish for that time of development but now it simply can't keep up with what I do now and how the rest of my characters look like. So I decided to change her style yet again completely and she's pretty much the only character with such an wonky path of development. Pretty much everyone else (except Fabienne) was straight forward and I knew from the beginning how the clothes basically should look like.

    How the hell did I manage to get that Idea to turn her into a secretary?

    Well, I thought I wanted to do that outfit for someone, but didn't know who it should be and most of my candidates either already have clothes or wouldn't fit in the role that good. Nikki however is a clean one. So why not do with her what she was intended for. Make her my incarnation of hotness filled with things I like. I started to make some stockings, tested how it would look on her (still with the old clothes on) and I decided to go on. I changed the skirt and made the blouse and from that point on I decided to follow this idea and go all out.

    Heels, lingerie, up-skirt, hands on the desk. That's how I like my girl.


    The name

    The name Nicolette is a girl's name of French origin and the diminutive of the name Nicole, which derived from the Greek name Nikolaos meaning "people of victory". Nicolette is the ultra-feminine name of an enchanting princess in the medieval French romance, Aucassin et Nicolette.

    I chose this name for her for mainly two reasons:

    - I like France and the sound if that name a lot

    - My alter-ego-furry-character is indeed from France as well and has history with her...

    Renard as a surname is a bit funny since it simply means "fox" in French and of course that's what she is.


    I know Nikki for quite a while now. Despite her young age she managed to surprise me already the first time she showed up at my office. I had quite a lot interviews for weeks but all those slender good looking girls had no fire burning inside them, no spirit inside their souls, just dumb like bread searching for a job where they can chill and check their smartphone every five minutes.

    No, Nikki was different. Eager, passionate, maybe a bit all over the place and bubbly with a lot of temperament but that's what I like. What I like a lot. She is a brave one, and she told me she wanted to join my company because she wanted to make the world a better place. Soon she got all cheeky around me but as long as work is done fast and without mistake I won't mind and that's what she's capable of. That's what she wanted after finishing her apprenticeship: Work right here, under my very command and do whatever I ask of her...

    Who I am you ask?

    I am known as Temeraire "Blacky" Xiang and we will meet very soon, believe me...

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    Folks, it is finally time!

    Updating Roxy is such a big deal for me because with her now online inside the cloud EVERYBODY is at full gear.

    Yes, I reached my goal!

    I now have a full roster of pretty awesome and unique stuff, all clothed and made with love and passion.
    Of course I'll finish up the last remaining guys with nipple update but in general everybody is ready.

    So, come with me on the last journey back in time:
    After one year of FVNE I reached the point where everything started to turn my way. I became good enough to pull off everything I wanted to do and my 20th character shows this:

    -Roxane "Roxy" Foxx-

    The making of

    Almost everything what happens here is a tribute to my debut as a 3D-Artist -If you might call me so- and that's why she has the last stand out of all those characters.

    I made a template of a fox girl right after the release of the fox-head-update but I decided to let it rest for a while since I wanted to do some stuff that I wasn't able to back then. Instead I made Nikki and I was quite satisfied, leaving the old template with the working title of "Roxy" on ice for quite a while. Now, with my newly found inspiration I decided to go on and revive my old work.

    I made a few masks for the body with the same technique I already used to make Eilidh's colorful scheme and I stole my own ideas for the glasses, piercings, tattoos and rings  from Cassidy. Even the hair style and the way I named both of them is quite similar. I'm very satisfied with the garments and I've tried to make her as wholesome as possible.

    Sine the boots eat up so much triangles I decided to leave the bra and panties out this time, no need for three layers when the look of her is unique enough. I really love the way she looks now with everything turned on.


    The name

    Roxane origins from the Persian "Roshanak" meaning "dawn". A nice name for a fox, since the dawn is red most of the time :)

    Also giving her the short version of her name as nickname is something I do often to add a bit more personality.


    Roxy works as a bartender in an Irish pub where smaller rock-bands can perform their songs once a week. That's where she got to know Cassidy Moon, the bass guitarist of the local band "Savage Union". The two came along quite well and soon the started to talk about way more intimate things than the music business or their careers.

    Roxy is a nymphomaniac and she managed to fear away around six guys due to her strong sexual desires. She is always horny and quite open to communicate this to the guys, but most of them feel weird about her acting like this.

  • Hell of a milestone, congratulations! Your work is something to aspire to!
  • Thanks a lot, I'm happy to hear such strong words!

    I always wanted to become some kind of beacon in the night and I guess at least now I managed to do just that.

    There's only one thing left:

    Create myself, the real "Blacky" Avatar.

    After that we''ll see. Maybe more "demon" stuff, but after 2021 ends I'll probably have a lot of real life stuff to do so frequency will probably drop or stop entirely for a few months but that's just a little future sight, nothing to worry about for now.

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    As I teasered a lot lately I was working on my Avatar a lot lately and now he's done time to present "myself"

    -Temeraire "Blacky" Xiang-

    -The creator-

    The making of

    How do you make your own selfe? Well, it was a bit of a struggle at some times but I had a plan all the time so the only thing I had to do was power throug.
    I am a furry for like 15 years or so...don't know exactly but ever since I imagined myself as a dragon cuz dragons are awesome...yeah.
    I don't have any ref sheets or such things, no one ever drew him or made conepts for him, this is only my mind working here with some input from the book series "Temeraire" written by Naomi Novik.

    Mixing up this Idea with my own interpretation of how I would present myself I decided to finally go to work. Updating Nikki lately also helped a lot to find some outfit for him.


    The name

    Temeraire: named after Téméraire, a French vessel captured during the Napoleonic wars, this name means "reckless" it is the name of one of the main protagonists -a dragon- from the fantasy novel book series "Temeraire" written by Naomi Novik.
    I really loved these books and so I decided to name my avatar after him.

    "Blacky" is of course my furry name.

    Xiang is a bit more complicated sine it is a chineese surname and the meaning is tied to the way you write it down so I decided to pick this version here:
    翔 (xiáng) meaning "soar, glide", which is just perfect for a dragon last name. Also Xiang is the original last name of Temeraire in the book series as well.


    "Yeah, in real life I look exactly like this, I swear, so if you notice me, give me a "cheers", will ya?"

    So a bit about my alter-ego?

    I'm a young dragon, ambitions and helpful or "kind", but also led by my head and some might say I like the sound of my own voice.

    I have a small but well running company distributing art of any kind like paintings, photography and such things. I am of course an artist myself and I also have a lot of other hobbies.
    Like bondage to name just an example >:)

    I live in the city of love, Paris and I work hand in hand with my secretary Nicolette Renard. I love being a freethinker and I listen almost the entire day to my favorite music enabling my to be creative. Ah, live can be so good...

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    Size matters-Putting things in place

    This is a little something I've been pondering for quite a while now. It's all about comparing different sized characters to each other. I started to use @Craket 's measures a while ago and it really helped me out a lot but after reading his article about his new woodlands sized characters I've begun to think about my universe as well. Now, there are basically two worlds that co-exist:

    The real "normal" world inherited by Cass, Nikki and myself for a few examples and the "fantasy" world with the crazy stuff like the "Seven Angels" Dragons, Spirits and Demons like Anastasia and Samael or Miyuki.

    The problem that occurs with this separation is the size of things. While the normal world follows laws of general physics in terms of size the fantasy realm is highly over-sized. I mean like a LOT!

    I've made a little scene comparing some characters of mine and if you check this out most of things are working pretty well:

    On the right hand side it opens with Claude being the smallest of the gang inside the normal world directly followed by Fabienne, the smallest of the fantasy world. While I first had the idea of separating the two worlds not knowing from each other at all I later on decided it would be way more fun to mix them together and let them interact with each other. Now things row up like the pipes of an organ pretty nice with Cass and Naomi being pretty standard sized but rather tall for girls followed by Valencia and Giuliana, the taller girls. Now the standard males kick in with Ju and Sevie, while Stevie is a half dragon he is a tall guy but not that over-sized.

    From now on however things get wacky. Anastasia is the spirit of the french woodlands and the mate of Cyrill so I made her really tall but she is nothing compared to the Winter Spirit Miyuki right next to her. Miyuki is not only taller but more massive in general and pretty much on par with the average dragon like Cyrill himself. Kaji, Miyuki's mate and rival of the dragons is jet again almost one head taller and a bit more massive than Cyrill. The last and biggest character you can see on the very left is Hoshi, leader of the Seven Angels and a ancient dragoness. She tops Kaji once again by half an head. Of course everyone is posing, most of my girls have heels which make them a bit taller but this is just a little something to show the differences in size. So technically Claude would be tall enough to look Hoshi in her Eyes if he would stand on his own shoulders.

    So while there are a few smaller changes I want to adjust in terms of size most of the roster is pretty fitting inside their roles respectively but what kills my mood is this:

    I made Kaji because I'm a huge fan of @Dogson 's Akari and I wanted to have someone in my roster who can have fun with her. While Kaji is a spirit, thus belonging to the fantasy world I adjusted his size equal to Samael's size who is big enough to challenge Hoshi.

    What I want to show is that I really have a big problem. I want to do most of my animations inside my own universe cause that's because I created it in the first place but of course I also want to invite some of your character over to me as well and if my characters won't fit regular sizes it would be pretty impossible to do this the proper way. Just to speak clear here: If you take measures Kaji is something like 2,75 m. or 9,3 ft. tall and Akari is something about 1,9m. or 6,4 ft. what is already super tall for a female in general.


    So the fantasy realm of mine is to big, let's make it smaller then!

    Well, no...

    I don't want to lose the special trait of this.

    For what matter should I scale down legendary elemental dragons and their demon counterparts to the size of an average person. That would look crappy like hell.

    No, I'll walk the middle-way:

    Till now spirits, demons and dragons have been in one and the same pocket of my fantasy realm while half dragons already have their own size category: Stevie, Tallulah, Niamh and Fabienne fit super well inside the regular sizes while the represent the edge group to the dragons. Now the demons and spirits will also have their own size tier meaning Kaji, Miyuki, Samael and everyone following them (I work on those future guys and girls right now) will be smaller than the dragons but larger than the rest of the regular people. I'm aiming for something like Anastasia's size because, yeah, she is a spirit and she also works well in both directions.


    I'll adjust the rest of them to her size. That would be around 2-2,2 m. or 6,7-7 ft.

    I really want to achieve that those characters can be put to good use in the future and no one will touch a character that is simply way to big or small in terms of scaling.

    -Blacky out-

  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    @Blacky Fun set up you made here! Also - seems like Akari already has a special admirer here so her work is cut out  for future interactions, dare I guess?
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    @Dogson Yeah, plans are indeed here. Akari will have some good fun with HIM, not the other way around. She is such a boss and needs to be treated like one, even if he is a tribe leader and promised to another girl.

    Well, I'm certainly looking forward to this animation thingy you got going there <3

  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    She's married to her job, you'll have to remove her... "wedding ring" then.
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    Seems like you got me fired up and that's always dangerous...I assume lady Akari is running her own business then?

    Me for being the boss of a small company myself my character suits this role well better than Kaji who is a tribe-leader in a fantasy world.

    Without scaling Akari reaches exactly the height of the upper table top. Is she made for this? Also Temeraire has pretty much the same body size as her being just a little bit taller. So all I need is a bit of plot and were ready to go.

    I really burn for character background information so if you have some spare time and -of course- if you are interested in such stuff maybe we can do a little character development on her or the rest of your official characters. It's always fun to do some role play!

    While at it @odes :

    Will it be possible to create our own environment inside the animation system? Because if not this whole thing of creating my own office makes pretty much no sense at all XD

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    @Blacky Oh man, you're already starting to pre-viz the various animations and scenarios you're going to put her in? That's awesome to be honest!

    Okay, let's see, conventionally a blender default cube ( the cube You always see when you start new scene)  is 2x2 meters meaning one grid square is 1 meter and that table looks to be.. a bit over to meters in height? That would be quite a large table then and this is something one probably will need to consider when importing props later on.

    Lore for Akari.. let's see - The lore is rather loose atm and we don't know really if we're even going to evolve it further since we're busy with other stuff. My loose lore for now is that she is a executive at a 企業kigyou (Enterprice) Her drive for expansion of the company only rivals her libido and since she's a supernatural being with supernatural control and will over her corporeal state,  she's not concerned with the various pitfalls of her other female counterparts such as unwanted pregnancy, STD's or social sanctions in form of slut-shaming and such. She's a power bottom and has an voracious appetite for both genders or nouns.

    But in all earnest will - Users should feel welcome to fill in what ever lore they would wish for her. You want her to be a thoroughbred breeding mare? That's fine. You want her to be a dotting housewife and a mother? That's also fine. You want her to be serious quantum computer and AI researcher with little time for workplace fun? Yes that is also fine. 

    Also congratulations to your snake, that's quite a striking hood he has!

    Edit: spelling.
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    Oh man, you're already starting to pre-viz the various animations and scenarios you're going to put her in? That's awesome to be honest!

    Well, yes. I have a lot of other plans on the rest of my roster as well. Generally to speak I do believe I have a plan for the future that will come -hopefully- to live.

    All this page-long texts here help me to set up a really big mind-construct and I really hope I can do at least some things in terms of animation while my social life will cut me short on this hobby pretty soon.


    Okay, let's see, conventionally a blender default cube ( the cube You always see when you start new scene)  is 2x2 meters meaning one grid square is 1 meter and that table looks to be.. a bit over to meters in height? That would be quite a large table then and this is something one probably will need to consider when importing props later on.

    Yeah, that's the thing. Having supernatural characters in an environment that is made for "regular" folks with normal sizes will make it look odd. I guess this will be a big issue once everyone throws in their characters.

    The thing is:

    Should we -the creators- make things fitting for regular sized characters and are we able to scale things inside FVNE's animation add-on like we can do now in edit mode or should we go in there and adjust everything based on the body sizes that are featured in a certain animation because scaling won't work?

    I have a super huge table -like you said- because those two are almost 2m. tall. If I would scale it down it would look like they were in a doll house. Since no one else is in this scene with a regular sized body it doesn't matter that much that the props are rather big.

    But in all earnest will - Users should feel welcome to fill in what ever lore they would wish for her.

    If course! I do believe no one will care about lore and who lives and encounters who when it comes to my entire roster. It's more of a personal thing. I try to only do "canon" content with my chars and what everyone else does is fine for me. I'm super happy already and if I can bring a little joy to you all than everything is fine. That's why I work on this entire project in the first place: Doing MY thing with the benefit that YOU all get some nice and usable content as well ;)

    Also congratulations to your snake, that's quite a striking hood he has!
    "Assssmodeus issss pleasssed..."

    Well I'm a complete madman :D

  • This one means the most to me
    Stays here for eternity
    A ship that always stays the course
    An anchor for my every choice
    A rose that shines down from above
    I signed and sealed these words in blood
    I heard them once, sung in a song
    It played again and we sang along

    I wear it just for you
    I've got your name written here
    In a rose tattoo
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    Hey Folks!

    I took a "break" and did some experimenting while working on my old characters, I started to post stuff on Fur Affinity and while doing so I decided to return to my roots yet again (not the first time). I'm back doing the things I love the most and dropped the demons just for now. The success is quite low on them and even Miyuki didn't manage to move up the ranks as I thought she would.


    I stumbled across some more music and this is such a strong catalyst for my creativity! I made up a little story and decided to give Stevie a partner in crime:

    -Amanda Parkes-

    The making of

    Work in progress stuff can be found here:


    So the big idea I still have is that I'll use my band one day and (hopefully) do some kind of animated live gig in a small location with lot's of my girls in the crowd and such stuff. Pretty much every time when a listen to music I envision how the Savage Union would perform this very song and dug up some pretty cheesy stuff the last month from a old rock band. So, the song is called Goodnight Amanda, (do me a favor, just don't google it, it's way to embarrassing ;) ) it's about parting and it's like hell of a cheese. So, maybe Stevie wrote this song for personal reasons. Alright, we have a name. I decided to go one step further, gave Stevie this tattoo in order to turn it into a way more big deal and now it's time to envision someone who's in a "relationship" with this guy. Well, those are the results...

    Technical stuff

    Coloration has been simple and jet difficult here: I took the base female shark, changed it to the grayish hue and added in some flashy orange as contrast color. I struggled a bit with the stripes but in the end I decided to do those with some decals stolen from the female tiger template.

    Hair is made with curve path + circle technique inside blender, adding some hair texture and fur shader in FVNE.

    The Cap and the boots are outsourced in order to save some time but the hot pants, suspenders top and "swimming wear" is made by myself. A lot of curve path + circle does the trick here. Pants and top is made with simply cloth pro add on inside blender.

    I did some minor custom offsets to her face, shoulder blades and collarbone to give her more edge.

    As always I wanted to add at least a jacket or some more piercing stuff but she's completely packed and I also don't want to overdo it. Her standard outfit is unique enough like this and I always wanted to do this kind of lingerie which a lot of other creators already did so I'm just catching up there.

    The name

    Amanda is a Latin name meaning "lovable" or "worthy of love." The name was first recorded in 1212 in Warwickshire, England. It was a popular literary name in the 17th and 18th centuries and was also a staple of the 1980s.

    Parkes is a English surname but mostly used in America.

    I chose this one for a very specific reason. Ronnie Parkes is the bass guitarist of the band Bonfire. This is the very same band playing the song Goodnight Amanda which I took as inspiration for creating her.


    Amanda is a fiery one, that's for sure. She's stubborn, short tempered and tends to pick fights. But that's exactly what made her so attractive for Stevie. They both met eight years ago while Stevie still was a street musician traveling around. It took Stevie more than one year of "war" to convince her that a relationship would be a good Idea and in the end Amanda gave in. From that day on the fighting never really ended. Maybe it's exactly what Stevie needs. A strong woman kicking his ass to get to work. After establishing a whole band Amanda became their manager and is till today pulling stings in the background alongside with Julius to keep the train rolling...somehow.

    She's not so fond of Stevie's laziness and the two broke up two times already just to pull themselves together a few months later. They can't live with or without each other having a turbulent, flaming and wild time. They both are quite difficult personalities but for their common goal or against a common enemy they are inseparable.

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    Hey everyone, I'm kind of back with my latest addition. I decided to do at least one really "cute" girl and here she is:

    -Lucy Lou-

    The making of

    I took the fox template as a starter, decided to turn her into a fennec so I deformed the ears quite a lot and did some custom offsets. I decided to give her back a lot of contour by working those shoulder blades a bit more outwards and the spine a bit more inwards. Most of the fun was of course putting stripes on her and designing the dress. I know, normally you wouldn't consider putting stripes on a fox but she felt like way to generic without them so there you go.

    I made the hair with the curve and path technique inside blender but I might consider checking out a few more tutorials on hair 'cause this is still something I'm not fully satisfied yet in general.

    The dress was made out of the simply cloth pro template for the "female swimsuit 4" but I cut the lower part and extruded some faces to get a dress like look. Lingerie is kind of a copy from myself, if you check out Michelle...

    Lucy's is a bit more simple but the suspender belt has a few more details but in general this is nothing new. I felt like keeping it simple and clean.

    The name

    Lucy is an English and French feminine given name derived from the Latin masculine given name Lucius with the meaning "as of light" (born at dawn or daylight, maybe also shiny, or of light complexion). This one was more a pick because she looked like a Lucy, I didn't check out the meaning and picked it because of her personal traits but I must say that she really is a shiny one...

    The Lou surname is derived from the Flemish/Dutch word "loo," which refers to a wet, wooded area. The name was most likely originally a topographic name for someone, who lived in such a place. The word "loo" is also a common compound in place names, the most famous of which is Waterloo, in Brabant, Belgium. The surname Lou was first found in various feudal states of the Middle Ages that today make up Belgium and the Netherlands.


    The 21 year old little cheeky fennec fox girl from Bruges, Belgium loves outdoor activities like hiking, biking, swimming and other fun things you can do...
    She's easy to upset but in general she's a bright smiling one, full of life. She lives in a small apartment and is looking for someone who stays longer than just one night with her. Lucy is quite curious about everything about sex and she is eager to experiment around and get creative!
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    Hey folks!

    Got a little surprise for you...

    @Craket made an awesome model of Rivet from Rachet&Clank series like five months ago and wrote down under her:

    "Feel free to take anything or Derive this one into having a Robo arm or Goggles if you'd like."

    Heck I'm SO in for this one! Now I finally had the time and acquired the skills to do what I've planned so long. With all my heart soul and skill I went all out for my final masquerade of 2021:


    -Fully Loaded-

    The making of

    Guess this is the section you are all most interested in so let's do it:

    I try to do it as detailed as possible but while I was working I didn't take pictures for every step of course so this is kind of a rewind where I hide stuff so you can get some insight on how I made every piece:

    I checked out some references at first to get started:

    Those two were the best to get started, I already knew that the boots would be something different 'cause they consume a lot of vertices and of course I wanted to get her two most significant features done : The arm and the goggles.

    So I took off with the arm and I tell you this one wasn't so hard as you might imagine. Let me break it down a little for you all:

    If you check out the robotic arm you can see a lot of stuff but if you're done by getting overwhelmed it consists out of a lot parts that repeat the whole time so this is a little advice for you creators: don't try to do the whole thing in one step! Take a part that is catching your eye and work with that. In my example it was this one:

    That's the one attached to her elbow. I took a sphere, added subdivision surface modifier lvl1 and applied it instantly. I rotated the sphere in the same direction the arm is pointing and dragged it outwards.

    I made a lot of weapons by now and the tutorial for katana forging on YouTube really helped me a lot back then:

    In this tutorial it is shown how to bevel edges and extrude stuff inside your mesh. This is a technique I used a lot on my dragons but also here on this part. This is how I made all those little inlets on the whole arm.

    So, as you can see it is floating a bit in space but what I initially did was cutting Rivet's arm turning it to a separate object so I can hide and reveal it to my liking:

    Now you can see where we are.

    I positioned every piece in a matter that the gear joints would hit in game joints as well or else we would get crushed mesh while posing her around. In short this piece is short enough to stop before Rivet's elbow starts.

    Alright, now we are moving forward and I decided to do the hand first, but in order to get to the hand we need a few connectors:

    The highlighted one is a default cylinder. I added a few loop cuts with control+R to get something to work with and extruded the faces in between with alt+E -> extrude along normals. This is THE technique to get stuff carved in your mesh, I used this a lot on the whole model.

    OK, now with the cylinder done let's check the reference and we'll see that we are at the wrist which is replaced by a sphere. I could've added a bit more detail on this part but doing those overlapping rounded things you can see on the second ref pic is kind of hard so I simply did a little something, extruded some faces, added solidify modifier and removed the additional faces right away to save triangles.

    Let me bring the whole arm back up so we can see where we are:

    Alright, so as you can see things are clipping like hell. This is for only this time extremely nice! Try to be as close to the original mesh as possible, we will remove the whole arm inside FVNE so it won't matter but you'll be in agony-city if you're not on point with the joints.

    Now comes the most complex part of the whole thing, everything else will be cheesecake if you're done with this: For the hand I duplicated the mesh that we have from the model. What you can see highlighted here is way more upscale than the one I use for the model, it's just so you an see what I'm talking about. Again doing some inlays and extrusions on this one, cleaning up the mesh etc...OK, now we need fingers and those bolts that go vertical through the hand:

    Looks a bit wierd from this angle, but this is a close up shot from one finger. The highlighted parts are the bolts I'm talking about. Now, these are again cylinders with added loop-cuts, extrude along normals jadda jadda. now the interesting thing is the top. Select the top face of the cylinder and hit I key to get a insert function. Do this twice and merge all vertices to one point. Now you have a lot of faces to work with. I selected six on each side opposing each other and again did alt+E to move them inside. Now you have the base model for every bolt. Duplicate those to get all the highlighted parts.


    Now the position is again right on spot with the finger joints for in game movement. For the connectors I used the cube, sub-dived two times, stretched it a bit along the y axis and just did some scaling with all the edges to get the look of a finger. Now with one finger done you automatically get all other fingers for free! Just duplicate the whole load out and scale it till it fits your finger.

    Now the thumb needs a bit different mesh to get it started but the rest is pretty much the same:

    The highlighted parts are the one's that are different to the other fingers. I took a sphere in the middle without any editing and a cylinder. This is just the base cylinder scaled down till it gets flat, with one edge scaled outwards. After that editing I duplicated it and arranged them like this.

    For those who look really close:

    The topology of the pieces are all different despite me saying I duplicated I cheating?

    No, it's the decimate modifier that I needed to add after I was finished 'cause triangles ended up a bit to high and this modifier steals your faces at random to maintain the basic shape as much as possible.

    Alright, now with the hand done we move over to this strange piece here:

    This one is a bit more stylized than the rest of the gear. It represents the thin part of the arm if you check on the ref once more and I kind of turned it into some pump-thingy. OK, so how do we get this shape? Base model is a cube. I did two times of subdividing and started to extrude in and out to my liking. This is probably the most far away part from the original model. After ins- and outs were finished I extruded in both directions to get some connectors done. AFTER this I added a bevel modifier and played around a bit to get this shape.

    Ok, so now I reached the point of doubt cause this part was so wacky that it simply doesn't fit at all. it's thin small and strange so get it in place. also the elbow is right here so it will perform extremely bad...


    This guy here is my best bud, no joke! So glad that it worked out this way:

    This is a cylinder with a loop cut. I scaled one end to get it so the size fitting for the elbow-piece and the other one is a bit special: you can see those things that point inwards right? I removed the pump-piece so you can see better but in the final model those teeth grab the thin part. I already mentioned “I”-key to get some more faces out of the flat surface of the cylinder. Now with those newly faces select all in a circle, then go to “select” in your tool bar and do “checker deselect”, or select every second face manually. (This is also from the katana tutorial btw...) now you can extrude those squares outwards and scale them in to get them pointing to the center.

    Seems like we move up to the shoulder region by now:

    Here I have connected the two pieces from earlier and added a big one. The highlighted new piece is also a cylinder (as you can see by now this is all pretty repetitive, It's really about your creativity to do it). As many times before I did loop cuts, extruding beveling and scaling. A tip cause this is a good example: work in one direction. extrude one edge, scale it to your liking, extrude the next scale it and so on. on the right side you can see the faces created by "I"-Key that I mentioned earlier. If you would select those faces, do “checker deselect” and extrude you get the same pattern I was talking about one second ago ;)

    Reaching the shoulder this is a special one to have fun with:

    This one is shot from behind so you can see the special feature of the shoulder sphere. First things first, as I already said this is a sphere with one time of subdivision. I rotated the sphere that one vertex points towards our connector and the other one towards the body. Now I did some edge scaling to make it fit with the connector. The fun part is of course the gear wheel.

    Screw it, we do it together, let's go!

    I'll add another gear right next to my old mesh.

    To get it started we select three rows of faces where we want our gear to be (I used the C tool to get it done quickly):

    Now we extrude those inwards with alt+E “extrude along normals” like so:

    Now let's bring the gear back up again by selecting only every second face of the middle row and extrude them along the Z-axis:

    With that the basic shape is already done, but we want to stylize a bit more so let's do some bevel action. Select the those two edges:

    Hit control+B to go into bevel mode. Move your mouse to get the bevel to work and with the mouse wheel you can add or remove edges within your selection. I do it with one additional edge like this but you don't need it. Works with two as well, just for the style.

    Now we extrude those along normals with alt+E again like before:

    Now we can pull around those edges and scale it up like so:

    And we are basically DONE with the gear wheel:

    Left one is old, right one is the new one. Those blue lines only mark the edges sharp, I used it to make it look a bit better while editing so I can see better what I'm doing but this has no effect on the exported model or the way it behaves when editing. It is only to shade it sharp.

    Alright, robotic arm is done, goggles next!

    Like all symmetrical stuff the goggles make themselves with the help of the mirror modifier so they basically consist out of three major parts or segments:

    first of course the lenses or whatever you might call them:

    Those are made out of a cylinder yet again, you know the thing: Loop cutting in, extruding and all that stuff. to get the glass done I simply selected one edge inside the cylinder and hit F to create a face. Again topology is fucked since I started way to high poly and had to decimate later on...some never learn <.<

    Second major part is that large strap around the head and the minor ones to get everything connected.

    Most of the time I use curve and path technique to get it done but every now and then I decide to do things a bit different. This time I took a plane, subdivided it twice and added subdivision surface modifier to it, then extruded it along the head and finally solidified it (and mirrored it of course). I must say that this takes a lot more time but it looks better cause the problem with curve+path is that I always have to UN-subdivide it after arranging it to the perfect shape since by default the path has an extremely high poly-count. When UN-subdividing a path however it looses it's shape completely and for this model I wanted to make it look a bit more outstanding than my regular stuff.


    The third part is not one single part, it's the detail stuff:

    Those are the old button models I made like a year ago which you see on almost every character but only this time again a bit more high poly to make it look a bit nicer. On the back of her head you can find those metal connector thingy which I use on pretty every belt so the detail work was all stolen from my own stuff I made long ago. Nothing special here.

    Alright, now this leads to the clothes. i won't go down in such detail as on the two big ones up here but let me just ramble a bit about the clothes:

    So, again everything made with simply cloth pro inside blender. The Suit consists out of two parts: long-sleeve shirt and long pants, merged in the middle via bridge edge loops and a bit of proportional editing. I used "elastic smooth" material to get it as tight as possible on her body.

    The gloves are a duplicated mesh from her hand, extruded along the lower arm and the orange inlays are made with the same technique as I shown you ten seconds ago on the gear wheel: bevel at first, then extrude along normals.

    The top with the shining emblem is a cut-out of the finished suit, I painted the layout of the emblem on the mesh and extruded it. I must say it looks a bit off but for now it's ok. The belts are my one and a half year old belt models. The metal belt on her waist however was made with a plane, subdivision surface and solidify modifiers like the straps on her goggles. I did some inserts again with extrude along normals to get the look right.

    The scarf is also made the same way as belt and goggle straps. You can see, this time I used curve+path technique not a single time and it looks waaaay better then my old stuff. The downside is that it takes a bit more time but I think I'll manage.

    Everything covered? let's move on:


    Rivet is heroic, adventure-loving, sassy, quick to act, and prone to making witty jokes in tense situations. In addition Rivet is willing to put her life on the line to protect the downtrodden and help those in dire need. She is described as being a secret softie but attempts to hide it with a tough exterior. However, being a loner has left her socially awkward, skeptical, sour, jaded, and being unacquainted with teamwork. Despite claims of being used to working alone and preferring to not have a partner, Rivet is very lonely.

    Rivet suffers from some degree of PTSD due to losing her arm on a mission. Further, the loss of her arm to a warbot and constantly fighting the robotic empire or the robotic Space Pirates have left Rivet very distrustful towards robots, not exactly hating them but is suspicious of them.


    This was of course one of my largest projects, assembling everything took a whole day ( I sit here for 14 hours constant) and I have to count every second of learning over the past half year as well to get all the needed knowledge to actually do it. I checked on reference material like two months ago and was like: "My god, I can't do it", "this is to hard" or "it will look wack like hell".

    Technically she took me almost half a year to make even though it was just today in the morning when I started to make the first segment of the arm but it was all worth it.

    I'm proud and happy that I learned so many things and that I am now sitting here, teaching you that stuff.

    All that is left to say is: I wish you all merry Christmas, a happy new 2022 and see you next year.

    Till then!

    -Blacky out

  • Awesome job man!
  • Thanks @thirteeenth it means a lot to me hearing that from you! I look forward to do more such things if I'm able to find some time in the future :D

  • The work put on rivet is still awesome.
  • Your work with Rivet is phenomenal! Cyborg limbs or full robot bodies is something that I have tried and failed to make for some time now. It's always the way garments work around the body while the parts are as they are. Garments work well with immobile sections and parts with joints. The biggest issue is to work them together.

    The Arm of the Rivet is not only very well detailed but also made in a way that the joints do not lose shape too much and look good while in different positions. That is hard to achieve and you did exactly that!

    I think this is posterchild of what you can really do in FurryVNE.
  • @Craket and @Static_snowflake Thanks a lot you two and yeah, creating Rivet with her arm functioning was a big thing to me. It was fun, hard work and quite the ambitious project but it also showed me what is possible inside FVNE and what I can do for you all for the future! This will be fun, I tell ya!

  • Happy new year and here I am, back in business with a really huge announcement:

    In 2022 I will change a few things so just to bring you all up to date:

    -Some might have already noticed that I did a little update-marathon a few days ago. I will remove all nude content from the displayed pictures of all my characters.

    That is a necessary step for me in order to keep on doing stuff here! This will NOT change what's underneath my character. It's just to stay SFW on the surface.

    -my spare time to be here will be cut down quite drastically so I will get slower to release content as I also seek higher goals with my next projects as well

    Starfox will come to you! Let's rock and roll boys!

    -Fox McCloud-

    -Leader, Legend, Idol-

    The making of

    Fox McCloud is probably THE furry character I love most. I played Star Fox 64 like 300 hours or so and also went all out on Adventures and Assault. I consumed all content that I could find find on him be it YouTube or fan art all across the net and now it's time to get my version of my Idol out there.

    So as references I took those three shots from him:

    First one is from Starfox Assault:

    The second one is from Starfox Zero (horrible game but the newest style is kind of nice)

    And the third is the newest Smash Bros. version:

    Now, for the face and body shape I took mostly Assault Fox cause I really like his model in that game AND this is also the most humanoid form of him. I am no comic character creator and prefer the more "realistic" side of FVNE so over-dimensional head and small body was no option for me.

    Getting clothes on him was a little journey on it's own.

    Please forgive me for cutting short on this section -for now- 'cause there is a hell lot to explain. I guess I'll implement a bit of stuff for you to get some insights later on, it's just that I want to get him out right now. Feels so good!


    This section could be a book on it's own but I spare you the details

    In his earlier years, Fox was raised by his father, James McCloud, the leader of the Star Fox Team at the time. His mother, however, is unknown, although the comic series of Star Fox hints that Vixy Reinard might have been his mother but the events of the comic series are not considered canon in the games. Fox was raised by his father for most of his life. When Fox entered his teen years, he trained in the Cornerian Flight Academy. During this time, his father was sent on a mission, to go investigate the planet Venom, which was acting strangely at the time. However, he and his wing man Peppy Hare were betrayed by Pigma Dengar, the third member of the old Star Fox Team. James was captured and most likely killed by Andross, the villain of the game series, while Peppy barely managed to escaped Andross's clutches. Peppy returned to Corneria to inform the Cornerian Fleet and Fox of his fathers faith.

    Fox dropped out of the academy and started to train under Peppy Hare to carry on James legacy and avenge him. This is where Star Fox 64 begins.


    About my future here:

    - My content will be SFW on the surface from now on.

    - I avoided copyrighted characters for a pretty long time but after I realized that we probably will get away with implementing them here I will do more stuff in that direction:

    The big idea is to bring over the Star Fox Team to FVNE. There are a few things that might hinder me in doing so, but we'll see...

    - I'm planning on doing Kyrstal next, that should be no major problem from what I can tell from here

    - For Falco I guess I'll sit and wait till we have more avian features inside the App, I could do it  Dale "Drumstick"-style but I would also have to use custom offsets and that would mean that the head could never be changed to another base model unless I rework the whole body. Not gonna happen...

    -Peppy should be quite easy...

    - Slippy will be hell, I really would love to make him happen, I guess I'll have to do a miracle inside blender to get his eyes out of the head shape but it's definitely doable.

    - I also am planning to do ROB. If I can make a Robotic Arm for Rivet I can also do the whole thing! The only problem will be implementing a shaft on him. I guess it won't work in the final product with all those erection sliders going on so I'll have to figure something out. This is far future tough.

    Maybe good old Wolf O'Donnell will also come over with his guys but nothing planned for now.

    I also want to investigate on some other cool stuff but it's always the same. A lot to do and so little time xD

    Cheers to you all, have a good start for 2022!

    -Blacky out-

  • edited January 2022
    Finally time to write down a little bit about the girl pretty much every furry knows and loves:


    -Child of Cerinia-

    The making of

    So, I believe Krystal turned me into the furry I am today. I generally loved any content with speaking animals but the more erotic aspect really kicked in after Starfox adventures so I decided to grab @kittysasha 's version and make a version of my own.

    There is so much content about Krystal on the net but hey all look different but also all look right in some way and mine is no exception.

    I took this one as reference for the assault suit:

    But as you can see I changed a few things, left the belt out (for triangles sake) and for the Adventure outfit i used the official artworks back from the release:

    So I came pretty close but i believe my version especially with the assault suit on the first shot looked way more lady-like and mature but that's OK I guess. I don't want to make a exact copy but do it my way.

    Alright so let's go to blender!

    First things first: custom offsets. I decided to remove the fluff of the original model and change her face completely:

    I prefer to do custom offsets via edit mode since I suck at sculpting and to do that you have to enable the mirror mode, tick the box with topology mirror, enable proportional editing (shortcut "O") and check the box " inside the shape key ":

    Ok, now we can drag around her face like we want. the main things i did are dragging the cheeks out and picking the nose vertex and via "S" scaled it in so that the face became way cuter. Of course it wasn't that simple and took like half an hour till I got here like this and after exporting her back to VNE I did a few more adjustments like scaling the head up. Be careful when editing base meshes, you can get yourself very easy in trouble by messing up eyes or inner mouth shapes!

    Now for the suit:

    As you can see no eyes, 'cause this is also a adjustable group model. I posed her with legs standing straight ( will make it way easier for the boots later on because you have your X Y and Z axis not angled in some way. The suit fits skinthight. No wonder since it is her body shape! :

    So, basically I took almost the entire body of her, selected the mesh with the "C" circle and wireframe mode, removed the internal organs and then push shift+D to duplicate the mesh. now we do P -> selection to separate it from the model and then I immediately export the model as an .obj and import it again. This way you will remove all shape keys of the future body suit, 'cause you will duplicate those also but you can't export those as cloth since we are working on the "shape" shape key and you can only export the "base" but the base looks way different of course. Hope you can follow.

    Export, import, all shape keys are gone but you should have an object that has the exact same shape as your model. Now we do alt+S and scale it up a little bit to get it out of our body and prevent further clipping.

    Ok, so let's make it look good like a real suit!

    First we cut it in half by centering the camera on the axis, go to wireframe mode and select all verts on one side along the Z-Axis, then add a Mirror, sit the mirror object to your character mesh and enable clipping. This step can also be found in my Lina's Jacket tutorial "Setting up the Mirror". This will make your life a lot easier but since I am already done with the model all screenshots will show the full model.

    I cut out some pieces simply by selecting the vertices I don't want to have and adjusted the shape by selecting one vertex and double "G" button it into another one while merge distance is on to get rid of those. This will cause some triangles but if it don't take overhand it should be OK.

    So, I hope it shows and you an follow me here. The red outlines are the areas where I extruded some stuff. go to "select face" mode hit alt + left mouse button and select the area around the boobs. Since we use the base mesh of dogson this works super nice, everything is quad shaped so this really saves time! Ok, now with the selected faces do alt + E and extrude along normals. With the mouse moving you can control the amount and direction extruded.

    for the shoulder plates it works similar but you have to select the area you want to extrude manually with click and control click again you can select a line of faces or with the "C" tool. Now again do extrude along normals. This looks a bit block shaped yeah? Select your upper edges that you have extruded just now and do control + "B" and move your mouse to bevel it in like you want. With the mouse wheel you can add or remove loop cuts. This will increase triangles a lot so don't overdo it.

    Armpit-to-arm region works exactly like the shoulder plates, the area is only bigger to select at first.

    Those red lines you can see are seams by the way. I added them by selecting one edge and go to edge -> mark seam.

    Normally you would use them to tell blender where to unwrap your UV's but they also have a pretty nice effect. If you click on "face select" an then hover your mouse inside a area surrounded by seams and just hit "L" key for select linked faces you get only the area like so:

    So, why is this so awesome? If you compare the seams with my finished model you can see that those are the outlines for the change in texture and color. if you go to UV edit than the model looks like this:

    piled up in the lower right corner there are all the highlights for the later texture I want to put on. I have still no idea how to do substance painter and stuff like that but all my work inside FVNE I've done so far works with this technique by combining textures like those with a operation or using free normal maps and alpha layers. It is a bit of work but I guess it is about as fast as doing a full PBR map. The only downside of this technique is that it is character and slot based meaning that you have to import all maps and assign all colors anew inside FVNE if you want the same cloth on a different character or if you suddenly decide that something would work better as an obj. than as a cloth.

    Alright, the suit is done, now you would export it to FVNE and go on with textures.


    I made a slot for Assault-Jewelry and for Adventure Jewelry cause the differ quit a lot in color and shape.

    First Assault to get her finished:

    For those Hair trinkets I simply took a cylinder, added two loop cuts in the middle, selected the faces via alt+click and did alt+E extrude along normals inside. copy the part two times, assemble them like so, add a mirror modifier to get it over to the other side, done.

    Tiara is similar simple, you can do a curve path + circle setup like I posted 100 times ago to get belts and stuff done or you can add a plane mesh, subdivide it two times and add a mirror, a subdivision surface and a solidify modifier.

    This is what I did here:

    Looks like this when you get started and scale everything in to your liking. Now I would suggest to activate proportional editing and select one edge loop after another to get a genera shape, then extrude to come up into her hair like so:

    Quick and dirty, this I made within only a few seconds but you get the idea. To make it more rounded go in and shift around the verts and add a few more loop cuts.

    Now this one:

    Again add a plain, add a mirror-, a subdivision surface- and a solidify modifier. I worked on it from centered camera view on the Y- axis (num pad 1) and now you can bring that jewel in any shape you like by clicking one vertex and drag it in or out and see what happens:

    If you like the shape, increase complexity with subdividing or loop cuts and solidify the thing or extrude it with the subdivision surface modifier still active. This is what I did: again quick and dirty old and new:

    Now let's get the jewel stone in there:

    Select your future outline vertices, disable the proportional editing or it won't work and do shift+ alt + "S" keys all together and move your mouse in one direction (this is the real master move!) to get that thing rounded. Always let your subdivision modifier up or this won't work so good!

    now select your faces inside the circle and extrude it along the Y-axis to get it out:

    I've already added a loop cut along the jewel but you can simply extrude it two times. Now we can scale it in or out and do the shape you like. In my first version I did a more oval one as you can see, but that's only because I rolled my mouse not till the perfect round shape appeared. You can also do the scaling afterwords by selecting one loop and scale it along the Z-axis for example.

    That's it for the Assault jewelery, except the tail of course:

    So the tail has not two versions and it's basically always the same design in the whole series so I did this.

    I took the exported fox tail from dogson, selected two loop cuts along it ans simply scaled it in. Now I added a path + circle mesh and wrapped it around manually. I believe this could be done with the shrinkwrap modifier as well but I'm not that experienced with it. I'll cover this on Noelani's blade-making-off I guess.

    Alright, the blue vixen is ready for her first mission.

    Later on I'll also add the making off for the adventure clothes and Fox's making off and maybe even Noelani's, maybe tomorrow or at the end of the week or next week. We'll see.


    Under construction.


    Starfox project is really something I love to work on and also probably one of my better ideas for a long time.

    Next up is probably R.O.B.

    This will be fun!

    I've already done with my next fantasy character and I'll bring her over to the forum as well but for now you have to check her out inside the App.


  • edited May 2022

    Ah, finally got some time to show up here again after the flood of production I released to the world lately. So, I'll wait till Falco is ready to continue with the rest of Star Fox team so this article is for the dragon and fantasy lovers. Time to introduce my tag-team!

    -Noelani & Oros-

    -Adventurer Tag-Team-

    Well, this really is something special.

    They are both individual characters and this is just a photo-shop to get them in one scene but that was the idea what made them come alive!

    -Noelani Dubois-

    -The Swashbuckler-


    Noelani is the eldest daughter of Cyrill, Lord of the Wind and Anastasia Dubois. She's a adventure loving mercenary and tends to get herself in trouble pretty often. She's - like her father - a real scoundrel, doesn't care to much for others and roams the lands to empty some treasuries. When it comes to her little sister Fabienne however she's very protective and the two would make a pretty good team if they could get their act together and not start fighting after a short while mostly because Noelani tends to be way to reckless and Fabienne tends to be way to shy.

    Noelani is wielding the "Ghost of the Soldier" a massive cursed two handed sword which she looted from an ancient crypt, known as the grave of the crimson eclipse. Oros' grave.

    The sword inherits the soul of a fallen warrior from the old times and only those who bear a sign of a dragon lord are able to use it without getting consumed by the sword. Luckily Noelani possesses the sign of wind like her father. She really had no idea an what kind of weapon she laid her hands on by that time.

    Noelani has little to no magic affinity unlike her sister but her physical strength is really beyond. She had beaten her father in arm wrestling already when she was in her teens (she's now 153) and there's nothing that can stop her once she has set her mind on something.


    The name

    Noelani was the second name I gave Fabienne, my second character of all times but now I decided to take her name away and turn it into a whole new character. No one would call a character Fabienne-Noelani and using just one more frequent than the other would remove the necessity of having two names. To me Fabienne was always Fabienne!

    So, now this is Noelani! It is primarily a female name of Hawaiian origin that means "Heavenly Mist".

    Her surname Dubois is of course the same as her mothers, Anastasia, since Cyrill has none.

    It's from French and English (Norman and Huguenot). A topographic name for someone who lived in a wood.

    Fun facts

    Noelani's top is the counterpart to Fabienne's pants ;)

    While Fabienne is quite the incarnation of Anastasia (in terms of body shape and look) Noelani comes more after her father Cyrill.

    Noelani's horn jewelry is heavily inspired by Anastasia's.

    The "Ghost of the Soldier" sword is such a massive weapon that it is big enough to step onto it's blade or lean against it. While Noelani uses it like a two-handed sword due to it's weight this weapon once was designed for one handed use. It's rightful owner was someone way bigger than herself.

    Oros the Crimson Eclipse

    -Ghost of the Soldier-

    The making of

    Now, let's sit down and talk about his look.

    Those are now two different characters inside the app. The daytime shot one is the warrior from old times, a standard character with all features as always. The second shot at night however is way different as he lacks legs and is completely transparent.

    I had the idea that Noelani wields some kind of cursed sword which contains a ghost or a spirit from long ago. So the idea of Oros was borne.

    I started coloring him and really fell in love with his design pretty much on the fly. It was like working on Eilidh back a few months I simply couldn't stop to throw on those colors and watch teh effects happen so I start to ask me why I don't do more fire style dragons like those two. I really love the colors!


    After finishing the coloration I scrapped the idea of turning him into a ghost and simply started to dive in deeper on his warrior aspect building a roman style "armor" for him. Now that I uploaded him I felt unfinished since there was one part unused but I already made it...

    I started to test a few things and after changing some sliders, turning up emission and reducing alpha the ghost was done. Now the only way to implement him inside the app was to make a second upload. All features inside one character would simply be not user friendly. You would have to switch around way to many color specs to turn him back to normal and triangles wouldn't allow to have all those assets inside one character as well so here he is!


    Oros once was a proud and glorious warrior, the first one who ever served lady Hoshi. So he can be seen as the first "Angel" although by that time no elemental lords were declared like nowadays.

    Unfortunately Oros died in combat centuries ago but his soul refused to leave this world and clinged onto his sword becoming "The Ghost of the Soldier". His weapon was buried alongside his body in a crypt and turned into a legend over the centuries until the brave and reckless Noelani, daughter of the Wind heard rumors about an ancient tomb full of treasures. She managed to track the ruins of that crypt and since it never bothered her for desecrating graves, she took the sword with her, freeing Oros' soul from the blade.

    His joy lasted only a split second after he realized that he really was dead and his body crumbled to dust long ago. Only Noelani can see hear and interact with his djinn like appearance now and so he decided to accompany her.

    The warrior from the old times made it his new duty to serve his savior with his wisdom as good as he can.

    Back in the old days he was one among a very small number of dragons holding not only one, but three elements inside his body, mainly the aspect of fire but he was also able to utilize light and even dark magic making him one of the most powerful fighters who ever lived.

    According to some family tree research he founded three big dragon houses and each of them with their successors are now members of the current Seven Angels. So he is some kind of grand grand grand...father to Eilidh, Aurelia and Kyra and also the reason why Aurelia and Kyra share the same bloodline but having light and also darkness inside their family blood.


    The name

    Oros is a surname but I changed it to be his first name for I like it really much not only because of it's sound but also because of it' background:

    The Oros surname is a habitational name derived from the place name Orozco in Bilbao in the Basque region, in the province of Biscay.

    Now if you check out the Basque region you'll find this:

    The Basque country of northern Spain, located along the north coast of Spain, next to the western Pyrenees.

    The Basques, who are a Pre-Roman people, have a proud and unique cultural heritage and language. The origins of the Basques remains shadowed in uncertainty although historians have attempted to link the Basques with Irish Celts, eastern European tribes or even North African peoples. The Basques were the last of the Pre-Roman tribes of Spain to accept Roman culture, laws and languages.

    Fun facts

    So we have Pre-Roman which is quite old which is good cause he is a really old being.

    We have a "proud and unique heritage" resembling his personal traits and his character and we have roman culture acceptance (although the Basques were the last) which leads me to his dressing style. That's how a pre-roman legionary would look like. At least in my head :D

    He is a European dragon (from the way he looks like) so it comes in handy that he is from Spain.

    All around his armor you can find the sign of the flame dragon as well as on his forehead. It's the same sign that Eilidh has on her left shoulder indicating the same blood line.

    He also has the light and darkness dragon sign on his chest. Those are the exact same signs that Aurelia and Kyra have. While the location of Kyra's sign is also the left chest Aurelia's sits on her back neck and Oros has it on his right chest to keep it more symmetrical.

    The "Ghost of the Soldier" sword has the exact same scale like the one I used on Noelani. Here you can see the size difference between the two. While Oros can easily swing it like a one handed weapon Noelani needs both her hand to put it to work.

    Oros' ghost form can only touch and speak to Noelani. For everyone else he is completely invisible and he can't affect his surroundings or pick up any kind of object.

  • "Who ARE you guys?"

    "We're Star Fox!"

    Lady's and Gents, this is it! The moment where I stand before my little masterpiece and personal milestone of my "career" as a 3D-Artist.

    Looks like I really managed to create the whole Star Fox team within January and I must say I feel proud for getting this far and I am very happy how they all turned out.

    @odes and @Dogson thank you for creating this awesome software, you two really made a dream come true for me and I just wanted to let you know that you made someone really happy with what you are doing right now!

    It sounds a bit like a goodbye, doesn't it?

    Well in fact I considered taking my leave with the geared up Rivet being my last upload, simply because I won't have the time in the future like I had now and I already stopped creating stuff for nudity reasons. I decided to do "art" and character design and stopped focusing on the sexual stuff. So this is the wrong app for what I am doing now but you all benefit from it and I get models for SFW animations...if only a SFW engine is something that will be implemented.

    After the turn of the year one Idea started to take shape and I decided to start a new chapter implementing Fox McCloud, the character I loved most in the furry universe, and as it turned out this was not only fun to do but also quite the success. Now Krystal also would need a dress up. I never thought this will work within a month so the initial goal was to just create Fox and Krystal. R.O.B. was kind of a challenge to myself and a joke-character to check what the engine really can do and from that point on I decided to make the rest happen as well. Stretch goal was the Great Fox. I probably won't have to mention that I'm a really big fan of the series and not having the iconic mother ship of the team would definitely feel like something is missing.

    But now things have changed.

    As I read the last Patreon post I realized that I would be probably among very very few if not the only one who is here just because for doing action-adventure animation stuff without any sexual content and it really made me thinking.

    It's not that all my stuff will be in vain, not at all! I am really grateful for all my fans and everyone who's voted my stuff so high that I am always on top of the lists no matter if you search by month or year so this is really awesome!

    It's just that I won't do any NSFW animations in the future and if some day a animation system will come by that would allow creating those it is most likely way to late for me to find time to learn it.

    My life has changed, priority shifts and as much as I love doing characters for you this hobby will most likely find its end in the near future. I've already talked to a few members here and suggested to do some clothes for their characters, 'cause that's what Blacky stands for but on the long term for what reason would I do that?

    Don't get me wrong, I don't feel betrayed nor am I confused about how the development is coming forth, I fully support what you all do and I knew from the very beginning what this would be all about. It's just that I have changed and the idea of creating some kind of animation with plot is way more interesting to me now than having a Yiffalicious style interaction.

    Maybe I am a bit too dystopian now but from what I can tell is that February and March will be pretty stressful and from there on it will show if I come back and how this comeback would look like. Of course I'll read stuff you post and I'll fix some bugs on my roster. January has a few days left so maybe I'll even dress up one or two girls but for now, I guess, this is it.

    I hope the future will be bright, I had a blast the last year on this platform and I really hope that I can one day make a little something for you once again since this was a really really fun and awesome time I had.

    Till then!

    -Blacky out-

  • Its all about leisure anyway. Or at least, for Fvne. So you shouldnt feel bad taking a hiatus from it. And the SFW/NSFW thing is all about what you are Ok with, so just do you.

    Ive pretty much had my hiatus this December and January.
  • edited January 2022
    But it's similar for me, I was primarily trying to IF I CAN get it done, I hope that one day the interaction system will allow more than sex scenes, because I'm basically NOT a fan of seeing familiar characters in their passionate convulsions ; That takes away from it what is special, as long as it is not part of the background - ZigZag for example!

    I thought long and hard about daring to ask you to build me something for my Lola (I just didn't dare to ask); I have a special idea, I can easily draw it, but I just can't get it!?

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