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  • Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere but will the interactions system be similar to the previous version (exclusively penetration of vag or anus) or will it be more custom and unfixed? Or maybe a mix of both?
  • YL2 is only available for patrons atm. Do you think it'll be released at some point in 2021?
  • Do you mean max amount of characters in the scene or, for example, max amount of inflation. I'd assume it's max characters but if it's possible to disable either it would be good to know
  • Any folder not inside your homeWow ok. I reinstalled it in appdata and it works now. Why is the option to install it somewhere else there if it doesn't work anywhere else?
  • it may be because Yiffalicious is installed into a folder it doesn't have write access toI don't think it's in a folder that it doesn't have write access to. What kind of folders wouldn't it have access to?Does your username contain symbols or speci…
  • 1. Nope, I can run a lot of games perfectly fine2. Windows 10, Intel Core i5-6500, NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB, 16GB of RAM 3. No, I said in my post there isn't a log file4. I added an exlcusion to the folder and turned off RTP and it still didn't run. I lo…