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  • Here you go!!35059&authkey=ALCqdUhBXIvzdVw
  • It still looks like that, even if I pull them out. Even the first one that's all the way out there is still transparent.
  •  Here's a photo…
  • When I load up my characters, they have no nipples. I go and add any of the nipples that are provided and when they load up, they are kinda visible from the side, but if you look at them straight on, they are see through.
  • Thank you!
  • Yep. It sure does. Generic hands don't move and the other 2 deform because a few polygon points don't move.
  • I like them. Downloading them now (just found them).
  • I know this is really old, but I thought I'd give an update. I just recently transplanted the problem pc into another computer case and the crashing problem just vanished. I don't know what the problem was, but I'm glad it's gone.
  • It might just be the latest drivers giving issues too. I'll give an earlier driver a go when I get back home.
  • It just crashed again with the novr exe. But at least it stayed on a lot longer...I think it's just my video card. It was working fine with my 1070.
  • I actually had that running before and I never came close to using up my Ram, but it seems a little close with the VRAM(but it's constant; no drops or rises). But I did notice that in the log it said something about failing the oculus rift or someth…