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  • I stated what I stated becuse its the pattern of development. I cant help it if you dont like critique but it certainly serves no purpose to live and exist in an echo chamber. I did not assassinate character or say you were bad people and you need t…
  • Actually ive followed the project for over 3 years now. You have a slew of excuses as is predictable but its literally all conjecture. As for eleborate schemes and other flights of fancy, perhaps it is you whom have not been paying attention? Its a …
  • just a simple charlotte skin i wiped up in a few mins.
    in Remakes Comment by Rugarou February 5
  • @RedRapture my thoughts exactly, and now the forums are going away so i assume the cloud will be disconnected from yiff 1 also. they have not been very focused on animation, I have been watching the project for a long time now and there is virtually…
  • links have been dead for a few years. may try looking at the ones people have remade. would defintely be a better use of time than reposting once a year on the same dead links?
  • idk about blank stare exactly, but yeah theres something not quite right with it, maybe position. I have noticed alot of eyes for skins i like use black on the eyeball itself so i may do that. This is Strakia's OC I remade here. Notice I used that s…
    in Remakes Comment by Rugarou March 2022
  • Strakia! Strakia Futa! hair e…
    in Remakes Comment by Rugarou March 2022
  • zipfiles made with 7z dont work properly according to the documentation. also, if the zips arent done properly they wont show. to be honest, i tend to only use the liveskin dropper instead of the manager cuz it works alot better. as for the skin slo…
  • Loona skin for Khana. this was rushed becuse my hieght maps barfed on export and I wasnt about to try jamming them into another channel at this time. plus, the fur texture was awful. image:…
    in Remakes Comment by Rugarou February 2022
  • ya we need additional slots for most of them, easiest way ive found was liveskindropper. that and we need vr controls =p
    in Remakes Comment by Rugarou February 2022
  • you have the same taste in furries as I do lol.
  • C:\Users\%t\AppData\Roaming\yiffalicious\custom\texturesis where your skins should be
  • send me the files, ill look at them and either tell you how to fix them or ill fix them
  • I've remade this skin, its under remakes oddly enough theres alot of stuff in the remakes thread.
  • ya mines around 2.5 gigs also, but i have stuff that shouldnt be in there and projects that are being worked on etc
  • So what I do, I open oculus client on desktop, I turn on Q2 link it, Then I start it from q2 menu via show desktop or I start it externally and my q2 picks it up. I haven't met you and don't know you, so I'm gonna run you thru some troubleshooting…
  • zips all work, pics got lost to previous skins, I started development on a game so during the upgrades from old PC to new PC things got lost.
    in Remakes Comment by Rugarou February 2022
  • Nika skin
    in Remakes Comment by Rugarou February 2022
  • the yiif config launcher when launched, opens a black screen with enter or leave buttons at the 2 warning screens. if you are in VR and the goggles are blacked out, try looking around. second, YL1 supports VR headsets but not controllers, so you sti…
  • very nice! good to see another active skin maker here!
  • If you dont want to do a Loona for Khana I can understand. I enjoy the same skins across multiple models becuse it allows me to make the most out of pre-made interactions and the models are defintely not created equal lol.that being said Im fairly c…
  • this skin would look great on khana. feel like converting it over?
  • Dunno if you seen them, but in some2040 posion vs chunli thread there's a Maya pink stripper skin, in the skin zip he includes the clothing as a separate layer for free use, I think he did a Charlotte one with black lace lingerie also that he also p…
  • Pretty simple, you make a transparent layer, add a paint effect to it, add your texture or paint, then when you go to export, drop your base layers and etc and save just that layer, it is important that it's on a transparent layer tho. So later…
    in Remakes Comment by Rugarou January 2022
  • I can do this for you, but it would be a "layer" you would apply to a skin, do you understand how to do this? benefit to doing it this way allows you to use it on any skin.if others are also interested in clothing or lingerie I can do those as well
    in Remakes Comment by Rugarou January 2022
  • nice work!
    in cat skin Comment by Rugarou January 2022
  • not bad, keep painting!
  • You are most welcome! I am here to help and answer questions the best I can. If anyone has any skin requests feel free to ask, it is helpful to provide images if possible.
    in Remakes Comment by Rugarou January 2022