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  • Awesome sauce!! I will take a look at it tonight when I get home from work. You rock odes!
  • i'm not sure where to go from here either. I did connect the visual studio debugger to the FurryVNE.exe last night and it seems to be the GameAssembly.dll kicking the error, but without the .PDB files associated with those DLL's, a proper debugging …
  • update....after switching all my ram settings to auto....still no go. I think my ram has to run the XMP profile because of they type it is...DDR3-2400 and that is the only profile which matches the timings for the ram.  Thanks for posting that. I h…
  • The Duck talked..... Some of that info seem strangely familiar regarding the access violation and the amount of memory available? Seems it yielded…
  • no, the FurryVNE did not produce an error file. (I wish it did...)  Concerning the memory, i have no idea where it got that number from but my systems reports 8GB of ram which is what I installed. (though if I try to add more, my system suffers ran…
  • Hey odes, Thanks for responding.  My cpu is Athlon X4 880K 4Gz.  FurryVNE_2021-05-14 is the version I am trying to start.  I don't know if this will help but here are the details copied from the FurryVNE has crashed popup window:   Problem Event N…