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  • Odes i have a new and ridiculous idea: In YL 1 have a 2 very cool humanoid dragon: Ilinir and Franeir (i don't remember name correctly), so: Why not put in YL  2 a realistic western dragon like in films or like this?…
  • Odes: How mny time until the Yl2 web page created? :P I asked because i finding the game on every webpage
    in YL2? Comment by nagyviktor17 July 2018
  • odes or anybody I need a big favor from you if you don't mind.In the same year, I plan to do the life story of YL1. Well it's not a real story, but it's the basis of reality. My request is as follows: I want to include animations in the story, but I…
  • If I had my own money and work, I would be happy to support you, Because I were impressed by what YL1 has achieved so far. Until then, I can only support you wordily but I'm really looking forward to when you release YL2. Good luck odes, and I wish …
  • Thanks for respondig, but i not wanna seriously know how many time until release (hour,day) i wanna know to release in this year (europe 2018) or we should wait a longer period of time (sry my english wriing but i not know clearly the launge)
  • Odes, how many time we should wait until YL2 release??? i aksed it becuse i have a friend who wanna play too have good day and have fun all guy/girl