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  • The tracking implementation for the Vive is flawless when properly set up. You're most likely not meeting the min 90fps requirement so you're dropping down to 45fps with reprojection. The Rift's ATW is a much better implentation than reprojection, s…
  • hornystallion81 said: Therefore sooner or later  the Source Filmmaker and Blender will be in trouble due to unauthorized use of copyrighted characters That's not how it works. SFM and Blender are just tools for creating art. They aren't responsibl…
  • MisterBangYourSister said: This feature is already implemented, just hold left shift to slow down rotation/movement That doesn't work for me. MisterBangYourSister said: parent limbs to body > grab the body > move body or reset anchors > mo…
  • usicco said: Search for "Revive" on google and download from the github link. OP's links are out of date (or they were for me)Make sure you download both the Revive installer and Revive Injector. You need both. Here's a link to the releases page. A…
  • Nothing has changed since this post was first made. If you want to use this with a Vive you need to use revive.
  • Cagey said: That being said, the VR functionality should be built such that the IRL horizon and in-game horizon are *never* misaligned, rendering Mouse2 control unnecessary in WASD VR mode. I don't know, I think it's good to…
  • If you hit tab to change the camera mode you can move around with wasd and change the camera position with right click. That seems to be what you're talking about, right?