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An Open Letter to Patreon

hello, i was upset about patreon new rules against adult content creators and when browsing on google i found this website, i think it deserve some support and more signatures because  they ban contents and restrict creators


  • I already opened a thread to discuss this (and I posted this link, too) here:
  • hello horsie, yes but ijust wanted to post this link and encouraging peoples for more signatures, those new rules are truly discriminative against community like ours, i understand they don't want allow things like child porn etc... but i don't see in what the other fetish are a problem <span>:open_mouth:</span> i mean its 3d art it doesn't hurt anybody... but i think this is just a begining, to censure more the next time... i think we need to let them know what we think about this :)
    thank you guys for reading my post and have a good day/night
    (ps: sorry for bad english)
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