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Maintenance Release Additions/Fixes



  • edited September 2018
    Was thinking about a slider for dick visibility. Doesn't even need to go "translucent", just on/off.
    I've seen animations using an invisible character penetrating another character, just to move them around, but sadly the dick was still visible. People use invisible females to fake oral in some interactions, but, in this case, fisting could also be faked using it:
    Here I got the Fox fisting the Dragoness - I simply parented his arm to a Horse's dick node.
    I've seen people doing an off scene horse penetrate another off scene character and use the node parenting on them too. Despite the distance, it works, but, that requires using a bunch more characters...   and you do not benefit from the "Push/Pull Infl." effect.

    It's really cool to find alternative uses for available tools in apps/games!
  • My sugestions:
    -Hair for the Hairless characters(Fox)
    -More skin slots,we don't want to have to remove skins to add others.
    -Female fox,Fem n Male shark,fem and male lion.
    -The ability to customize the penis of the models.
  • Adding a vote for penis invisibility. And suggestion about "central" node parenting, so character could thrust in sync with other char moving.
  • Any ideas on the progress of extra skin slots?
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