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[Request] Futa Ilinir Gargoyle

I'd say the only must is that she has to look like cracked stone and have darker horns, nails, claws, nipples and dong. The colour I'd like isn't set in stone, so while grey is the obvious choice for a statue, you could try a greyish purple or blue... See what sticks.  So that and any other additional details (such as the a dragonlike neck/torso/under side of tail, or glowing eyes instead of stone eyes) I'll leave to peoples best judgement.
I'm open to seeing many takes on this and maybe Fraenir as well as I see a lot of potential with gargoyles in the Fantasy map. If I didn't suck with blender, I'd likely have made dozens of gargoyle variations myself.


  • Well, whaddya know, I make a statue skin for Ilinir just for the hell of it and it turns out there was an old request for just such a thing floating about. Happy coincidence.

    Included in the package are two different eye textures, one for an ordinary stone eye (albeit a very shiny one, due to the additional texture effects the game applies to the eyeballs) and a cracked, glowing one for that magically animated construct look.

    Also included is a hair texture, but due to the additional texture effects the game applies, it didn't turn out quite as well as I would have hoped. Still, it's there for those that want it.

    Download here.

    Looks like this doesn't fully cover what was requested, unfortunately. If the OP (or any other interested party) is still around and wants me to modify it I can do that easily enough.
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