[Khana, Wolf] Kindred (League of Legends)

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Requested by: k0l0se0s

Been a while since I made a skin. Tried some new things out with this one, namely the wood texture for the Kindred mask and some subtle fur texturing throughout.

One unfortunate thing I forgot about Khana was that her tail hair can't be recolored or hidden, so there's that.


Update: By further request, a quick recolor of the fun bits.

Recolor (link is only for the body, eyes are in the original download):


Update: Added Wolf skin as well.


  • Wow, I was going to eventually try making Kindred for Elaine, but this is much better than anything I could do! Nice work! B)
  • Oh my God this is so perfect thank you so much for making this. Kindred has always been my favorite character in League. To be honest I was expecting it to be made from Elaine but given the mask, Khana was a far better choice. All that's left now is Wolf and the pair is complete

  • Thanks! Glad you like it! :)

    Yeah, I wanted to get Lamb done first since figuring out her body runes was going to take more time. Wolf should be along soon enough. Stay tuned.
  • thank you so much! i was waiting for kindred skin for so long , come to papa kindred xD
  • You're welcome! Enjoy!
  • edited November 2018
    the only edit i would love to see in this is the change in color in titties and anus ,cus you know the blue energy 'n stuff besides that everything is perfect thank you again mr nuts!  [sry for bad english im from poland]
  • Sure thing, won't take long at all.
  • You have done it again! love the wolf skin. can wait to have fun with these two.
  • good stuff! ty again ! @nuts
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