[Request] Densantra & Rose

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These two are probably my favorite "furry" characters if anyone is willing to make illinir skin for them. Would prefer a clothed and unclothed version for both (btw the fishnet with the pentagram panties are my fav). Here are some references.


  • If you can give me tiiime ...
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    God damn, Illnir needs a cobra hood accessory already(maybe in the hair slot?). Seriously wish devs would've thought of this. Kills two birds with one stone and would be much easier than creating a new hairstyle. :(
  • Oh, boy...That looks neato.

    However...Im not exactly sure how they would fit Illinir. What with the complexity and detail (plus no,...uhm, cobra "wing-ears" to speak of)

    Eh, im sure someone would be creative enough to make it work. Anyone wanna give it a try? :333
  • @dn19
    Well, when I make Qhala (http://forum.yiffalicious.com/discussion/1612/ilinir-qhala-ratherdevious)
    I use Ilinir ears-thingy as a substitute
  • Sorry, not a release yet   :pensive:

    There have been some "not so unforeseen events" that have left me with not much free time, but since they have passed three weeks i write to comment only that i'm still working on it ... at my typical pace: slooooooow   :expressionless:
    Still fighting  with the base skins and not with the piercings or clothes, but anyway i let a "preview" of the WIP >here<
  • Can you do a version with no clothes as well? :3
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    Oh wow, that's just impressive! This one looks far more concise and sleek compared to Qhala's more extreme color scheme. Take as long as you need, it's looking epic!

    Edit: Yeah, nude version is a must - clothing is nice, but, it would be such a waste to cover so many cool little details...
  • WIP looks really good.
  • @NoOneCH
    Wow, that looks really nice! I love the eyes and the inner thigh texture. Take as much time as you need, cant wait to see the end result!
  • Any update on this?
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