Custom Skin Creation

I've been wondering how you could make custom skins.. I have no clue how and I really would like to make a few skins, is it file-based or is there something else I must do?


  • Just tried out making a few myself, and there's quite a few large gaps in the documentation. The basics are covered, but a few more advanced features like using Blender to directly paint on the model aren't, due to tutorial videos having been taken down and links to written tutorials leading to dead pages.

    Would help if some of the more experienced authors shared some of their resources to fill in the gaps. For example, I couldn't find complete versions of the base game's alternate skins (SpadeScout's seem to be missing chunks of them, like head textures), but given I've seen edits of those skins, they must exist somewhere. A guide to Blender wouldn't go amiss, either, since doing patterns that go over seams in the model without it seems damn near impossible and I doubt many (myself included) find the prospect of reading through the whole manual to figure out this one feature very appealing.

    I can throw in the .psd templates I made for the dragoness in the course of my own project for others to use as a springboard.
  • I see, custom skin making is more complicated than I thought..
  • Hardest part is getting the skin to load in Blender properly. I might make a little tutorial since the one I learned from is down for some reason.
  • Okay.
  • Although Blender is a fine piece of software, I tend to favor substance painter for custom skin creating
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