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Spanish Language

HI, although English is understood some things would be well translated in Spanish (or other languages)
Thanks ;)


  • If the Yiffalicious team is preparing something to translate the game, later, I volunteer to do a translation into French. :)
  • edited October 2019
    As far as I know, it won't happen. When they were actively developing Yiffalicious 1, I asked about localization, and I was told that they don't want the community to be split on various languages, so everything must be in English only.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited October 2019
    We actually started developing YL2 with localization in mind, but half way through I sort of got lazy with it and haven't really been as diligent as I could have regarding this topic. Still, much of the actual technical work to make localized interface happen is there - it's just a matter of making all strings of text use this localization function. So I think YL2 will be fully localized eventually. It's just not a priority atm.

    Regarding localized interactions - it's true that originally I didn't want to split the community. However, it's something I've started to reconsider. With our next backend, we could start offering automatic translation through cloud based AI translation which is something many cloud providers offer nowadays. So it could go two ways - either translating english into native languages, or translating native languages into english. It's all just ideas atm, but it's definitely possible from an implementation point of view.
  • Thanks for the answers. :smile:
  • Oh, wow, great news!
    Count me in to create and maintain the Spanish translation. 
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